Plagueis Proconsul Applications EXTENDED!


Plagueis Proconsul Applications EXTENDED!

Hello, everyone!

I have decided to extend the application process for Plagueis Proconsul to Saturday, August 15th! This should hopefully give more time to potential leaders to email their apps to [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Again, I am looking for the following in applications:

  • What you have observed about Plagueis's current status and process, and what you intend to do to improve the clan in that regard.
  • Proof and evidence of your past work demonstrating that you have served a unit and performed administrative tasks in a beneficial way.
  • A 30-60-90 day plan for Plagueis's storyline, major events, and activity.
  • A basic knowledge of and respect for Plagueis's lore, and how you intend to continue that story.
  • How you will work with me as my second, and whether or not you believe you will be prepared to take my place should I need to step down.

NOTE: Should the appointment of Proconsul lead to another vacancy in Plagueis, I will be offering said position(s) to other applicants should they be interested. I will also be using these apps as notes for my work in Plagueis. That gives you all the more reason to apply, even if you don't get the position.

Hope to see you flood my email!

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