Position Open: Fist of the Brotherhood


Position Open: Fist of the Brotherhood

As you all read recently from Mav, Drac's role at the helm of gaming duties has been temporary, albeit a bit longer than originally planned, but it's time to open applications to seek a new Fist. Gaming is an important pillar of activity for the organization and a key part of our community and as such the impact the Fist can have is great.

The application period for Fist will close at midnight, Sunday 10/20. Applications should be sent to the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master and Justicar and the final decision in consultation with the rest of the Dark Council will come after applications close. If you're worried about the deadline and are interested please reach out to us.

Application suggestions & Requirements
* No minimum rank or position requirements
* Experience and familiarity with the office of Fist is a a plus
* Familiarity with gaming systems in the DJB is a requirement
* Review the overview of the position from the wiki.
* Demonstrated understanding of the Rites of Combat.
* Open to a wide range of visions and ideas in the application with justification, but be mindful of coding changes
* Required to, of course, work well with the Dark Council team
* Understanding of the high level of time commitment and member interactions, given the nature of gaming

If you have any specific questions please reach out to Mav, myself, or Drac. I strongly encourage everyone who feels they could have a great influence on the community here with a passion for gaming to consider applying.

We look forward to your applications, Evant Taelyan

good luck all

Apply. Free me.

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