Position Open: Regent


Position Open: Regent

Thank you to everyone for the notes of congratulation and well wishes. I look forward to the transition from a roadmap of projects for possessions, to a roadmap of projects for the Brotherhood. I will work in the coming weeks to carry out this transition, but a key part of that will be a new Regent. A position I've done my best to define over the past two-plus years and look forward to someone taking their new ideas into.

If you are interested in applying for the role, please prepare an application and send it via email to the GM and DGM. Mav and myself. We will review applications after two weeks, so please submit them by June 4th.

  • For a high-level textbook style overview of the role you can check out the wiki link here.
  • Many of the policies and systems related to the role can be found at this wiki category.
  • This position participates in the fictional development and direction of the Brotherhood along with the GM, DGM and Voice.
  • Like all Dark Council positions, it is as much about the responsibilities of the position as it is about input and discussion as part of the Dark Council team. Working well with members of the team, existing and future, is very important.
  • New ideas or thoughts on improvements to the current possessions system are fine, but anything that requires extensive coding would need to be discussed with the Seneschal.

Some things to keep in mind if you're considering applying, and wondering if it's something you'd like to do. The position is a balance of supply and demand. Supplying credits at the right amount so things don't get trivial or frustrating while providing lots of items members want to create that demand to use them. While also managing the faction forces and NPC armory and administring fixes.

Looking forward to what's coming next, and thanks again.

Evant Taelyan

As someone who worked on the original spreadsheets that evolved into this role, I gotta say that it is definitely a fun position within the club! I think anyone who wants to do a bit of "game balancing" and item creation should throw their hat in the ring.

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