Pro Bowl III: Week Two


Pro Bowl III: Week Two


Welcome to Week Two of the 2018 Pro Bowl!

Week One wraps up at midnight GMT, so we have a little bit of overlap, but Week Two is underway!

A bit of clarification going into Week Two, there are ELEVEN events carrying us forward. Please note for the Lucioball event that if you submit the same screenshot for the Fist August event, that I WILL see it. Don’t be ridiculous and silly. Also, because many of you do not have access to Lucioball due to not owning the game, I am also running a staple Cluster Race for Week 2.

For PvP Gaming, your matches MUST be against someone from another team. Again, I will be keeping an eye on that.

All your competition needs can be found here!

  • Flash Game 1 is a quick score what you can as fast as possible type game!

  • Flash Game 2 is have the lowest score possible (must be golf?).

  • Infinites allows you to explore your creativity in changing any one single event in DB history OR from the last four SW films released!

  • Hunt the Tally is exactly what it sounds like, but I’m gonna make you find three of them!

  • Jigsaw because what would an event be like without a jigsaw puzzle?

  • Lucioball is just trying to accumulate the most stats you can in a single game! Either Regular or Copa are acceptable.

  • The Word Search is exactly what it sounds like. Taldryan related!

  • PvP Gaming must be against people from another team!

  • Poetry is such a great way to express yourself!

  • You all know how a Cluster Race works!

  • Design the Graphics for my new Vineyard!

If you have any questions. Slide into my DMs or shoot me an e-mail!

May the Force be with you,

I have the honor to be your obedient servant,

A (dot) Jinn

"Slide into my DMs" Who you trying to kid, grandpa? :P

Got wine on the mind? :p

I slide them dee emmms all the time; on the snap books; and the face chats; and the insta grammies and the twitters n twatters and twitches and the shakes... the ewetubes....

PoundSignAwesome PoundSignWHATYO PoundSignCapitolizeYourHashTags

-TheOmegaKira Hip to the youngsters.

This post was entirely in jest; I totally know what myspace is.

I am totally a young’un!

Woooo!!! Ready for Week 2!! :)

"Poetry is such a great way to express yourself!"

That it is, my good man. That it is.

Angry Cat, let's show 'em who's the real tom!

go team go

Do ALL the things!

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