Promotheus Tweaks


Promotheus Tweaks

Hello All -

Two items to disclose now rather than waiting for my next report.

The Numbers Game

After discussion, we've decided to do away with medal upgrades entirely. This is back and forth on my part since I just announced "new upgrades," but Yacks and a few others rationally pointed out that they mean nothing. Serve little purpose yet come with work to maintain them. So we've adjusted ID lines to display straight numbers on all medal counts.

My "Name that Metal" competition was judged using everyone's suggested names, with those placements decided before this remove everything approach was finalized.

I'll Give You Choices on Choices

James will shortly be making a series of tweaks to Promotheus requirements. These adjustments are designed to address common concerns while bringing things in line with planned changes in the future. The changes are as follows:

  1. Remove "ACC Society" activities because they don't exist
  2. Remove the "Competition must be DJB-wide" rule from JH organizing activities
  3. Move "Complete DB Basics SA course" from ACO requirements to PRT requirements, still a hard requirement
  4. Remove "Begin to outline history" as a hard PRT requirement and make it optional
  5. For the "Satisfy 1 of the following" activity that includes Log onto Voice server/IRC/post a comment......Merge Voice server and IRC into a single activity....So the requirement becomes "Satisfy 1 of the following 3"
  6. Additionally, change "Post on the forums" to "Reach Trust Level 1 on Discourse forums"
  7. Remove the "Satisfy 1/2...earn crescent/novae" hard D/JK requirement and make these optional
  8. Change the wording of "Clan/House summit project" to: "Assist in a clan/house summit project including but not limited to fiction writing or Wiki article creation or editing. This project must be described in the promotion request."
  9. Change the wording of "Complete X words of fiction" to: "Write X words of character fiction as reviewed and approved by your unit leadership or master. Each word count tier may be achieved by separate prompts or by developing a single prompt, and multiple tiers can be completed at once by higher word counts."
  10. Add as a D/JK optional activity "Serve successfully as Battle Team Leader or higher for at least one month. Additional leadership experience including Shadow Academy grading and Magistrate work can count. All activity from leadership must be submitted to the Master at Arms for approval."

By and large, these changes will make several of the current ranks easier to obtain (less hard requirements). Some members may see their completion percentage drop, but this is because of losing hard requirements. Actual progress toward promotion should be the same if not closer. As always, I'm happy to hear feedback on anything the MAA handles.

Thanks everyone! Go do that vendetta thing that's running!


Yay I win the competition that doesn't matter! :P

Yay! My submission gets used and I don't win! :P

Well it didn't really give any naming suggestions :P

But we'll see what moves through the queue ;)

x# is a name :P

I like the changes.

For epeen measuring purposes, the numbers work a lot better than addon acronyms no one ever remembered :P

Just out of curiosity, because I appreciate the flavor of the upgraded medals, are the names of the upgrades going to remain on the medal pages in the wiki or will they forever vanish?

Wiki will be updated. remove the upgrade tables.

To compensate, I'll start renaming all of the SA degrees to include upgrades like "Dark Maven - General History with Pendant of RAAAGE!!!" and "Dark Savant - Leadership and Communication with Adamantine Pencils"

...for the record, those will be "MVHwPoR" and "SVLCwAP"

Do it.

nah it will still be an act of congress to get promoted, DC wants to stay up and keep everyone down. Nice try but those who have been here see through that.

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