Promotion to Warden: Turel Sorenn


Promotion to Warden: Turel Sorenn


Please take the opportunity to congratulate Turel Sorenn on his promotion to Warden! Turel has performed excellently in a multitude of roles since his last promotion and is truly one of our best! His work as Consul of COU has been outstanding and an example for leaders and members in our club. You can check out his promotion request here: Promotion Write Up

That's my sistacon! CONGRATS! So very well done and so very well earned.

You didn't throw away your shot.



Congratulations Turel. May the soap boxes never be safe!

Congratulations my dear friend you earned this so very much!!


Congratulations, Turel!

Wow congrats former master!


Congratulations, Turel! You've earned it!!!!


Well deserved, congrats!

Nicely done, Turel!

Congratulations! :)

One down, four more to go brother!

Well done, mate, well done

Congratz Turel!! I couldn't have wished for a better Consul to work with. I love the support and guidance you give and I hope to work with for a good long while. Congratz on the promotion again. Red Panda party!!



Congrats, dude!

Wooo Congrats Tural!!! Awesome job!!

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