Quick Clan Updates


Quick Clan Updates

Greetings all,

While the Dark Council continues to work on grading Great Jedi War XIII, I wanted to take the time to make two important announcements regarding our Clans.

Scholae Palatine Consul Open to Applications

First, a special thank you to Elincia, the departing Consul of Scholae Palatinae, for years of excellent service to our Brotherhood. Eli has been an even tempered and thoughtful addition to our leadership team and his presence is really going to be missed. None the less, we are excited to see the next chapter for CSP and are looking for a new Consul to lead the unit into the future.

As such, we are opening applications for the position of Consul of Scholae Palatinae. Applications should articulate an understanding of Scholae Palatinae's current status, and a vision for its future. This includes, but is not limited to, describing various challenges the unit might face, its current strengths, building momentum internally and for future Brotherhood events, and how to keep the unit engaged in both the Clan and the wider Brotherhood storyline. We are always open to new ideas for the fictional direction and structures of units, but members should have good reasons and details for any proposal they make on those fronts.

Additionally, applicants should have demonstrated experience in leadership in the Brotherhood at or above the level of Quaestor. Applications should be submitted to myself, the Deputy Grand Master, and the Justicar and are due by 9/16. I am happy to answer any questions about the position over Telegram or by email. Elincia will remain Consul while we conduct a search for his replacement. I also encourage members to reach out to Eli with questions about the unit, if they have any.

Vizsla No Longer on Probation

After a strong lead up in activity and engagement prior to the War - which continued throughout the event - and pursuant to our policy on the formation of new Clans, Vizsla has demonstrated an exemplary level of activity and has now exited probation. The summit has demonstrated an ability to guide the unit and keep its initial enthusiasm rolling and we really hope to see the unit continue to progress in the future. Great work, Vizsla team!

Thanks all, and you'll hear from me soon with GJWXIII participation!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor

Grand Master

TY Eli and GJ Viszla

Wooooooo Vizsla is here to stay!!!!

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