Quick Shadow Academy Update


Quick Shadow Academy Update

Your Shadow Academy staff was able to multitask this evening (there's a football game on, did you hear about it?) and release an updated version of the Graphics in the DB course. You can find it here.

Special shout out to new SA Staff member Rhace Terrin for updating the notes so quickly upon being tasked with it.

Psh, who needs football. Graphics update best thing.

That's awesome I like the look of it.

A wild P:HM appeared!

Great job Rhace, looks much better!

Very well done! I have been enjoying the excellent work the SA has been doing.

Get back to your cave, Farrin! Tarentum didn't give you permission to leave! :P (Great work! btw)

Farrin tasted the freedom of Plagueis and liked it, Hades. Exploring destruction is quite tasty.

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