Rank/Medal Authority Updates


Rank/Medal Authority Updates

Hello Everyone -

Promotional authority has long been a sticking issue for certain leadership positions, both due to the coding of independent houses as well as the simple inability for clan leaders to promote all Equite ranks. In theory, this is forced checks and balances, but because the MAA staff reviews every request regardless we prefer to open up the system more than at present. Less rules are better.

First, the removal of independent houses means cleaning up of the CON-PCON-QUA-AED scaling to make sure that they scale. EQ4 is the highest rank attainable with only clan activity, so it makes a logical maximum for clan leaders. We wanted to allow AED through PCON access to everything below that. Regarding medals, much is the same (CON/PCON and QUA/AED authority) with the removal of Emerald Daggers from everyone except the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master.

These changes are meant to A) Adjust to the renewed clan system while B) Adapting to some common complaints and making the system more efficient from an MAA perspective.

UPDATE - we have also removed the "cannot promote beyond your own rank" rule

Please take a look (all leaders) at your current rank and medal authority. If you think your position merits more access, please contact me explaining what and why at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Thanks everyone,

Excellent adjustments, Aabs and staff. It's nice to know we won't have to spend time wondering who can recommend to what anymore, more or less.

Is there still a hard coding that prevents someone (regardless of position) from starting a promo rec above their paygrade? For example, as a QUA I now have authority up to EQ3 but the system won't let me start a rec for anything above EQ1 because I'm an EQ1. I can have my reccs appended freely to others, but I can't lead rec or start one above EQ1.

Yes, that hard code is still there. Let me start an email thread to make sure we have justification for keeping it.

so reading the wiki and a little bit confused as per content. Did the RM loose promotion authority or is the RM wrapped up with the AED-Pcon? I support letting the RM promote up to Knight however as it reads right now to me it seems like promotion authority was stripped from the Rollmaster and basically turned the RM position into the DB equivalent of a Walmart Greater.

I too am interested in what Mako is saying. The Rollmaster's only power is promoting Journeymen; to take that away from them just makes the position seem like something no one wants to really step into. So I hope they do still have promoting power.

(I also think they should be able to give DCs to their Journeymen since it's one of those things in the promotion requirements list and RMs have very little power already, but that's a whole 'nother nut to crack.)

Again, more positive changes. Excellent.

Good work, Aabs <3

Rollmasters are included in AED-PCON; they can promote to EQ3 and award Dark Crosses through Steel Crosses.

nice thanks for the clarification Aabsdu.

We have decided to remove the hard code that blocks a leader from promoting beyond their current rank, but the implementation of this change is dependent upon James' schedule. I will update when it is completed. Thanks for the suggestion, Turel!

Wow. Good to see Rollmasters getting more power. This is a good thing!

Thumbs up to you.

Thanks Aabs! Obviously a EQ2 or EQ3 rec is going to have supportings recs from a CON/PCON and probably a DC'er but it's not to be able to start or submit one that's complete and pre-screened by the MAA if the CON is indisposed.

*nice to be able to


James removed the "promote beyond rank" rule. Done.

You are awesome, Aabs/James/Staff!

Meanwhile, all the newly empowered RMs be like...

RMs be like

If you make me deny more stuff? It won't go well :p

Where's my ability to recommend Howie for a promotion to DJP? :P

I am the one who denies

Finally I can promote and give out awards! Thanks Aabs.

Hmm.. have Howie reject his own DP promotion request. I'm looking forward to the changes, will help clear some hurdles that people didn't like in the past. Mostly looking at Legorii ;)

Having said all that?

I don't think any of this is an excuse for consuls to be lazy. Seriously, write your own recommendations :P

These memes rock

Pfft, I wish everyone got EQ3 that easily. :P Very nicely done Aabs. It is also great to see feedback implemented so quickly as well. It's great to see everyone working together!

Wait... You mean I can just sling Dark Crosses around like ninja throwing stars now? Oh man it's like 2005 all over again!!!

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