Real World Incentives Policy


Real World Incentives Policy

Effective today, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood has a new policy on real world incentives for activity. The goal of the new policy is to provide clearer guidance on when and how non-fictional, non-DJB website-based incentives should be handled.

Note that any approval for offering non-fictional rewards for activity is highly unlikely to be approved for anything less than a DJB-wide competition.

The full policy is included below for reference:.

As an online organization, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood promotes and rewards activities that are almost exclusively internet based. Real world interactions between unrelated members occur on occasion, but the principal focus of the club is online activity. As such, rewards for activities are similarly internet based.

Pursuant to the Covenant, the Grand Master has authorized the Master at Arms to regulate the Brotherhood's rewards system. The Master at Arms has determined that offering real world incentives -- items of value -- to Brotherhood members as rewards for participating or placing in Brotherhood activities raises significant fairness concerns for the club as a whole. Therefore, any member wishing to offer real world incentives, including but not limited physical items, game keys, or art commissions, to other members of the club as rewards for Brotherhood activity must request permission in advance from the GM, DGM, JST, and MAA. The request should include a detailed explanation of the proposed reward including its monetary value, as well as clear and objective criteria for who will be eligible to receive it. Submitting a detailed request does not guarantee approval.

Any approved real world incentives may result in a reduction in other Brotherhood forms of recognition for the same activity.

Great work Team DC. Thanks for the clearly worded policy and the update, Bubba.

Does this policy apply to voluntary gifts between members like, "hey I drew you something! hey I have an extra game key, anyone want it?" or as acknowledgement of work/praise, such as saying "if you guys go 6/6 in an event I'll doodle you something a dare on Hangouts"? The former being just a typical occurrence and the later being historically done but possibly in conflict with this new policy if such action defined as rewarding activity?

This seems fair and reasonable. Thank you for this policy update!

Atty -- good questions. This policy does not apply to gifts between members; it only applies to incentives offered as rewards for activity. From your examples, offering a free game key to a friend without regard for activity is fine, but offering a drawing for completing competitions would fall within the scope of the policy -- which is to say you should seek guidance and approval in advance of offering it.

Whether a hangout dare is an "item of value" is debatable. :P

Welp gimmie a few months and I'm totally gonna start making comps again. Love this idea, looks like I'm gonna have me an excuse to be active again

The policy seems sound. A little interested in how exactly how "approved real world incentives may result in a reduction in other Brotherhood forms of recognition for the same activity."

I am assuming it refers to things like medals?

Not opposed to the policy in the least, I hope folks will understand.

COINGATE 2019! Want to make sure I’m good to go here. I can still hand out bags of Vizsla themed merchandise at Celebration Orlando or give out DB T-shirts that say “This is the Way” all day long as it’s not for activity. Sound accurate?

Its a good idea to ensure that the communitys intregrity is maintained. I agree whole heartedly.

Good thing too, I personally think Fictional mentions are the biggest rewards in the DJB.

"Any approved real world incentives may result in a reduction in other Brotherhood forms of recognition for the same activity."

It's going to be interesting to see how much 'value' each of the approved rewards are going to be, or value subtraction rather. Can say from experience that its very iffy when it comes to art.

Real life?! In my DJB?!
Oh noooo.

Love this idea!

I'm glad to see this being talked about.

Thanks for laying this out in a policy! I am looking forward to seeing the ways it might be implemented

Glad there is a clear policy. I strongly disagree with it, but clarity is good.

Seems like people got bumhurt mostly by this extra incentive other people offered amd thus a policy had to be implaced for folks unable to comorehend that activity offers rewards. Oh snap, any outside the box ideas now have to be pre approved. Babies.

I agree with Arden that I also strongly disagree, but will accept the ruling.

Out of Club incentives might in my thought, tend to lead to more public recognition and advancement in recruitment.

Yes, digital shinnies are nice and all, but once you have plateaued at a level where you see zero advancement happening, the extra work is just that....WORK! No incentive to go all out on competitions when one feels that they have plateaued.

at least with a real world incentive, it could be nice to show off to fellow star wars fans the cool stuff and bling we get for being in a club.

Like the 501st club, people actually get physical awards and plaques or recognition and real world shinnies. This would attract more people to our little treasure trove of fan lore. More People involved, more fun in vendettas, gaming, and other things.

Look at our roster ID numbers. over 15000 registered, but perhaps only a few hundred actually "in the game". Perhaps more incentives and perks would spruce up the participation. I been here 12 years and was account ID 8649 when I joined and there was probably a thousand people active when I joined. It was fun to see many others who shared my same love for the SW.

But over the years, whether real life or straight out of boredom of repetition, those numbers have dwindled.

Perks like this could possibly boost the club into activity. Especially with all the SW movies and shows out there now.

To quote Field of Dreams - "If you build it, they will come".

I can see gifts among one another as being good. But as seen on more occasions since a member this will be one sided during pivotal events. It is already hard as a non- leader ship level member to receive mention in DJB lore and so these items will undoubtably be given only to ranking members. I see even in real life work events.

So, questions related to that last line.

Say X Comp get approved for RL incentives, and 10 members participate and earn those incentives. If 8 decline receiving them, for whatever reason, are all 10 still penalized in future awards because RL incentives were offered? Or only the two that accepted them?

Also, how does the DC plan on actively tracking who receives RL incentives so medals and other things can be appropriately remanded if RL inventive activity is included in them?

And some background for the majority folks who are not in the know. This policy is because I wanted to 3D print Clan Vizsla Coins (in my basement) for members of Vizsla who completed all bins in the last GJW. Based on the impending policy those coins were never made. Emphasis on all members of Vizsla. No rank requirement or anything else to earn the coin. My only ask was going to be help with shipping costs if it was more than a nominal amount, like one or two dollars.

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