Recognition Deserved


Recognition Deserved

Greetings all,

Today I have the great pleasure of announcing awards for some of our most valuable members: The Dark Council and our Consuls. These members make our club what it is, driving innovation, activity, and fun for all of us. Due to the number of awards we have granted, I invite all of you to review the award and promotion recommendations for specific accolades for each person, but I only mention the award itself here. These recommendations were a collaboration between the Deputy Grand Master, the Justicar, and myself (well - almost all of them!).

First, for our Dark Councilors. We are pleased to award Atra Ventus a Diamond Sword. For Evant Taelyn, Dacien Victae, and Idris Adenn, I am pleased to award each a Ruby Scepter. For Ciara Tearnan, Selika Roh, and the Seneschal that has everything, an Amethyst Kukri for each. And for our Fist, Justinios, a promotion to Equite 4 / Augur. For Howlader, a new pair of pants (because it is the only thing he would allow us to award him… but we’ll figure something else out soon).

Next, our Consuls. For Aurora Ta'var, Declan Roark, and Ronovi Tavisaen, Ruby Scepters. For Bentre Sadow and Seraine "Erinyes" Taldrya, an Amethyst Kukri each. And for Lucine Vasano, a promotion to Equite 4, Warlord!

Please join me in thanking all of these leaders for their hard work, and in congratulating them on their accolades,

Telaris “Mav” Cantor

Grand Master

PS: Please complete our GJW survey!

Pants? At a time like this?

Congrats to all! Go Lucine and James 💪

Thank you for your service o/

Congrats everyone and well done! waves scepter around

Congrats to everyone! Thanks for being awesome leaders and producers.

Congrats all of you shinies on your shinies!

Congrats, all! And thanks for the shiny stick, Mav :P

Howie, put your pants on!

Congrats Eveeyone!!!

Well deserved to all

Congratulations, all!!!! Thank you for your hard work

Congratulations everyone!

Congratulations to all on your recognition!

That you like my sword sword sword my diamond sword sword?

No pants.


Congrats everyone. Obviously well deserved by all.

Well done and well earned.

Well done folks!

Woot! Congrats to all of you lovely beings!

Congratulations to everyone!

Congratulations all of you, well deserved

Shadow Lady Warlord Arconae, congrats :P

Also hell yeah, James

Whhooooo Congrats everyone!!!!!

Big props to Darth Logistics 2.0!

Congrats to you all!

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