Reconfirmation of the Justicar


Reconfirmation of the Justicar

Hello all,

After a 48 hour discussion period that started Monday among the Electorate, voting began this morning for the biennial confirmation to continue beyond the original 2 year term. With the final vote of the Electorate coming in this afternoon and completing the voting.

The final results of that vote was unanimous, with all electors voting yes. As such, Thane "Atra" Skotos has been confirmed to remain on as Justicar for an additional 2 year term.


Congrats and/or condolences Atra!

JST in the nick of time.

I’d give you a hand but you have new ones. Congratulations!!

The Canadian Crow of Judgement continues... Congrats!

Congrats, my fellow +5 intellect fellow


Grats boss!

Congrats on a second term, Atra!

And just like that, Atra's reign of terror continues. Congrats!


Congrats Atra! Well deserved!

Really it was an easy vote. Congrats Atra on another term.

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