Regent Release: Celebration Store


Regent Release: Celebration Store

In this release, the Regent staff and Dark Council are excited to bring a limited time store to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood aptly named the Celebration Store. The store features sixteen new items based on existing items in the system, inspired by a Star Wars character, and sold at a higher quality level and in some cases unique functionalities. I hope everyone has a fun week celebrating Star Wars and all the entertainment it has brought over the years and looks to do in the future.

Check out the store here: Celebration Store Direct Link

Please note: This Celebration Store will be open starting now, through next weekend, to celebrate May the 4th and Star Wars for the entire week after which it will be closed (sometime around May 7th). If you are interested in any of these items there is a limited opportunity. The store is likely but not promised to appear again during a future Brotherhood holiday, but with a possibly adjusted set of celebratory items. Anything purchased can be sold, though will be unstocked by regular stores. Also, for those who haven’t kept up with regular reports, bringing more depth to the higher rarity levels and experience to the higher lifetime credit earners is something that remains a top priority for my team. I decided to move forward anyways with a store selling unique higher quality items knowing where that experience is at today, understanding you are all free to purchase only what makes sense to you with your hard earned credits.

In darkness,


Hmmm. As much as I hate to say it, there's really nothing of interest there.

Sorry you feel that way, Arden. I, for one, am excited and think that this a cool thing from the REG Team and I am sure there are some things in there for a wide range of members since we have a pretty diverse club!

Nice work, Ev!

Congrats to me on making the wrong image for that one item :P Good job Ev and team.

It's certainly an interesting selection of items, and I do appreciate the range of items here. Thank you indeed for that.

Jedi armor you say? #LotusGenerals

I may be missing the point to rarity, and I haven't looked over everything else in the store yet, but what is the difference between the BB unit that was available pre-Celebration Store and this one? The only thing I'm seeing is a higher rarity, a different image and nearly 4 times the price.

@Arcia - in a basic functional sense, it's more upgraded and has more features. It would be like getting a limited trim package on a car versus basic. That said, without upgrades rolled out at the moment it comes across a bit anticlimactic when implemented as is. Without being able to promise much in the ways of what upgrades will look like later when it's a thing, it is what it is. An epic astromech intended to be as awesome as the character it's based on.

Awesome!!! Love the items, I am so buying a few of them :) Thank you Evant and team :)

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