Regent Release: Celebration Store Returns


Regent Release: Celebration Store Returns

In celebration of Star Wars, I am excited to bring the limited time Celebration Store store back to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. The store will feature ten new items this year, in addition to the same sixteen from last year based on existing items in the system, inspired by a Star Wars character, and sold at a higher quality level and in some cases with unique functionalities. I hope everyone has a fun week celebrating Star Wars and all the entertainment it has brought over the years and looks to do in the future.

Check out the store here: Celebration Store Direct Link

Please note: This Celebration Store will be open starting now, through this upcoming weekend, to celebrate May the 4th and Star Wars after which it will be closed (sometime around May 7th). If you are interested in any of these items there is a limited opportunity. The store is as noted last year, likely but not promised to appear again during a future Brotherhood holiday, and with a possibly adjusted set of celebratory items. Anything purchased can be sold, though will be unstocked by regular stores.

In darkness,


OMG!!! Such awesome items! I love the Dark Age Sith armor!!!! dayumm...

I just ran through 100k... Evant why do you make such desirable items lol

My wallet is so thin now the wind just carried it off.

I can’t even afford what I want, so I’m upset. Pls don’t get rid of the current items for next year

Love this new admiral uniform!

Fantastic items! I sold my ship and went on a shopping spree. Well worth it. :)

That is certainly a very interesting choice of items, and a nice contrast to the previous time. Thank you especially for those responsible for the Alliance Admiral's uniform.

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