Regent Supplemental 6.2: The Upgrade Aspect Glitch


Regent Supplemental 6.2: The Upgrade Aspect Glitch

The Upgrade Aspect Glitch


Earlier today it was discovered (and some of you may have already seen) that there is a glitch with the way the new Droid Upgrades/Upgrade Aspects appear. Some of you may see personality aspects where your cosmetics were or vice versa, your old modification aspects where the new upgrades should be, etc. This is purely a glitch in the system; every droid has been double checked prior to deployment that the proper upgrade slots have been applied, and proper categories selected for each. There is no cause for alarm, but if you currently own a droid of Uncommon, Rare, or Epic rarity, you will have to double-check your droid and change them to the new slots/correct your Droid Personality and Droid Cosmetic aspects, as your old droid modifications are no longer valid for use in our system with the switch to upgrades instead of aspects.

This is due to the way they were deployed; instead of deleting the existing slots on every droid (and re-add them), many of the existing slots were just changed to the new Upgrade slots, keeping the existing populated aspects in place. This is the after-effect, and during the next round of these types of upgrades we will simply delete and re-add the slots. To clarify, this will still mean you will be required to go through and re-set the regular aspects, but they won't appear as incorrect or jumbled as they did with this deployment. This is just how the system works.

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Zxyl Taldrya
Praetor to the Regent of the Brotherhood

Don't panic

Well ar least it was a rather minor glitch. Good on the Regent staff being on top of things!

Defect is working as intended.

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