Reminder: Fist Magistrate Applications Wanted


Reminder: Fist Magistrate Applications Wanted


We wanted to remind you that we have an open magistrate position that needs to be filled. As mentioned before, this position holds a six-month term limit, and is designed to provide some experience in working on a DC Staff and with managing gaming at the Club level. Applications are open now, and will run through 16 December. One other thing I'd like to remind members of is that Fist Staff members are eligible to place on the GMRG for Q4 2016, but starting on January 1st, 2017 you will NOT be able to place on the leaderboard any longer.

Magistrates are responsible for reviewing and approving gaming submissions, setting up and running monthly gaming and mobile gaming events, and assisting with revisions to the wiki and Shadow Academy gaming courses.

What we are looking for in applicants:

  • No minimum rank requirement. All may apply!
  • Baseline understanding of the Rites of Combat
  • Consistent Telegram presence and Email turnaround of 24 hours
  • A positive attitude
  • A desire to learn and be part of a team
  • At least one idea on how to make gaming better within the club

Send all applications to Drac AND Ernordeth by December 16th. We reserve the right to make a selection early if there is an applicant that really wows us.

Good luck to all!

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