RHoJ open to applications


RHoJ open to applications

Hello all,

The position of Right Hand of Justice is now open, with Yacks' term ending. If you're interested, take a look at the wiki page so that might get a sense of what the job entails. The Right Hand is my prosecutor. Their job isn't easy, so I require that you at least have the CoJ I SA course completed, but I prefer that you have CoJ II done as well. Include any references you want, along with why you feel you're the right person to handle what can sometimes be tough cases. Have your applications to me before the weeks end.

As for Yacks, please join me in thanking him for an outstanding term. Keep an eye on your inbox in the near future.

Taigikori Aybara Justicar and High Protector

raises hand I'm pretty good at persecuting people.

Prosecuting, Tarax. Prosecuting. :P

Thanks for your work, Yacks!

I can see this being another job locked onto Elders. Congrats on your term, Yacks.

Thank you for the work, Yacks.

You're awesome, Yacks, without doubt.

Galleros/Lexic -- I wouldn't say locked onto Elders...Yacks is something of a shoe-in because of his past CoJ history. Ultimately, the role comes down to what you can bring. If a DJK with RL legal experience and both CoJ courses applies, that person stands a good change, I think.

Aabs is right. I held RHoJ as an SBM many moons ago. There's certainly no requirement that you be an elder or even an EQ3 or 4 for the job.

I respect the job and employee of it entirely, but with facing impossible exams, incredibly difficult legal experience and a whole lot of other applications, it's safe to say that only the best will be successful.

I don't think the exams are impossible. I got 94 on my CoJ I and I still kind of want to do II - besides, really, if you bring enough good ideas to the table, it can beats out RL experience. DB positions don't just equate to RL work.

It took me about 6 tries to get 87%, I felt I was lucky to gain in the eighties.

Hard to call an exam impossible when there's been more people who have passed CoJ I than there have been who've qualified for ACC.

CoJ I was a serious pain in the ass for me. I took it numerous times before I was able to score high enough to count for anything. However that is a good thing. When your dealing with any sort of Law, even online club law, you want to make it so not every joe blow can do it. I think that anyone who serves in the CoJ as the JST, Hands or Appeals Panel, needs to have some experience in the DJB. As I was talking with someone earlier, it is a position of trust, and it needs to be selective.

Just to throw this out, Ive got 14 years in this club. Ive got several years in Law Enforcement outside of this club, but Ive been passed over everytime I apply. That doesnt make me bitter, just more determined. Grow yourself, in both time, influence, and respect. Show yourself to be fair, and level headed, and you will obtain one of these positions.

Hey, I am an actual lawyer and didn't get a perfect score on CoJ 1.

Clearly you should be disbarred or whatever in that case Arden :P

^ =P

hmm, if everyone promises not to misbehave for a term, i'll take the job...

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