Rite of Supremacy - 1 day delay


Rite of Supremacy - 1 day delay

Greetings programs!

Just a quick update for everyone, the Rite of Supremacy will require an additional day of pre-flight checks.

To avoid confusion of launching in the middle of site day tomorrow, the event will officially start with the 14th of October, site time.

Expect an update from me tomorrow.

  • Vyr

Thanks for the heads up, Vyr! As much as some of us play Sith characters, patience is, indeed, a virtue.

Has anyone noted that the scrolling banner has the wrong months on it? :)

Understood, thank you for the information.

Just gives one extra day to build ALL THE HYPE!!!11!!ONE!!1

(and fix my character sheet)

@Sang: I noticed too late, yeah. We're gonna fix it :)

No worries, Vyr. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've brought to the table. Bring on the Meridian hype!

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