Rite of Supremacy: Escalation Results


Rite of Supremacy: Escalation Results

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Greetings all,

Today I am very pleased to announce the results of Rite of Supremacy: Escalation! This post will detail the overall scores for the sub-factions, clans, and individual members, and highlight some participation stats. In the near future, the Regent will announce the clan credit awards and reveal more information on the possessions rewards for members and clans alike. Similarly, the Voice will release the RoS epilogue fiction staring some of our top-scoring members. Stay tuned!

Faction Results

It was a remarkably close fight for first place between the Expansionists and the Harmonists, but in the end the winning sub-faction is the Harmonists, followed closely by the Expansionists, the Restorers, and then the Retributionists:

RoS Factions

This means that the Harmonists' victory will be represented in the upcoming fiction, which will have a significant impact on the Severian Principate and its relationship with the DB going forward. Members of the Harmonists will also receive faction-themed weapon and accessory dossier art. Expansionists will receive new weapon dossier art, and the Restorers will receive new accessory dossier art!

Heroes and Top Scorers

As always, our top three scoring members will receive Hero titles! This time around, the top ten scorers in each sub-faction will additionally be granted a brand new faction-themed possessions item! Note that all other members of each sub-faction will be able to purchase their sub-faction's item as well, but only the top ten in each group will receive it for free.

Our Heroes for Rite of Supremacy: Escalation are...

1st Hero: Adept Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae
2nd Hero: Augur Tali Sroka
3rd Hero: Master Marick Tyris Arconae

Congratulations! Their scores and the top ten scorers overall are in the table below. Because of how the RoS scoring emphasized participation over placement, most of the top ten earned the maximum participation score possible (50 points) and the scores were remarkably close together:

RoS Factions

The top ten members of each sub-faction are as follows:

RoS Harmonists RoS Expansionists RoS Restorers RoS Retributionists

Congrats to everyone!

Clan Scores

Last but not least, although we deemphasized clans for this event, we still tracked their scores and the clans will earn credits and new fleet upgrade possessions items based on their scores.

RoS Clans


Overall, participation numbers were slightly down from the last couple of Great Jedi Wars. I'm sure there are a number of factors that played into that, including the lifting of pandemic restrictions in many countries and the different focus of this event -- after all, some members really do come back for a call to arms from their clans but maybe not for a vendetta without Clan titles on the line.

In all, 146 members submitted at least one qualified entry in a competition. 31 members earned full participation points (well done!). In each phase, we had a large number of members submit to at least one comp:

EL: 99
P1: 124
P2: 120

And participation percentages in all clans were very healthy, with some exceptions for the event long phase:

RoS Clans


All in all, the Dark Council is very happy with how this event went. We were excited and nervous to try something different, and I think the result shows that shaking things up every now and then is worth the effort. We'll continue to run traditional clan v clan GJWs, but I anticipate more faction-focused events in the future.

In addition to the coming rewards announced earlier in this post, keep an eye out for the RoS survey, which I'll be releasing for input in the coming days.

Thank you all for participating, I know I speak for the whole Dark Council when I say we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!



Congratz everyone.


Huzzah, well done everyone and many thanks to the DC for turning around events so fast!

Congrats everyone.


Hell yeah! Was a fun event and great opportunity to work with other members!

Just a note since I can't count: Jafits Skrumm is #10 in overall score, after Slags. I'll update the image when I get a chance.

Congrats to all placements and to all participants! Well done!

An impressive showing by everyone and a great means of engaging people across the clan lines. Definitely worth doing again in the future!

I look forward to seeing the dead triumvir's replacement, Lauren Ipsum, show up in the closing fiction.

very nice

Lorem Ipsum! And yay TAL!!!

Congrats everyone!

Yooo Good job everyoneeeee! Congratz to the top 3 too! Awesome scores <3

Great work everyone!

will there be a link to each faction's total scores, would be nice to see where every person finished at.

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