RoS Meridian: Possessions


RoS Meridian: Possessions

Shroud Syndicate Market

The Shroud Syndicate has completed their pillaging of Collective technology during the Rite of Supremacy and re-opened their store here for a limited time with new inventory. They will be selling these materials to members who participated.

All members who participated in this GJW will have an opportunity over the next 6 weeks to purchase these items while this store is available. The requirements group was auto-populated so if you don't have access but feel you should email the Regent.

Technocratic Artifact

The Technocratic Artifact was recovered from the Meridian Prime space station by the Dark Council. Following the war, the decision was made to grant this artifact to the winning Clan for further research, and as such will be given over to Clan Odan-Urr.

Clan Credits

Clan credits will be calculated and awarded after the dust settles. There are still ongoing discussions on participation records, and as the final number relies entirely on participation, I am waiting for this to be finalized before calculating these numbers. I'll drop another report when that's done announcing the incoming credit totals to each Clan.

Congrats to all, and thank you for your participation.

Does your comment on credits being based “entirely on participation” in this report trump the report from October which does include placement among the clans?

I second this question!

We'll be sticking to the calculation previously announced. I can understand the confusion, but I suspect Evant meant that the final calculation requires us to know the final participation values.

Same calculation. I more meant having participation numbers is entirely required. Poor choice of words.

Woo! Stuff and things! Things and stuff!

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