SA Course Updates: Hello & Goodbye


SA Course Updates: Hello & Goodbye

Today, the introduction of a new Fundamentals course is also the farewell to a not-so-beloved course that has become redundant with this new addition.

Bye, Bye Basics

Dark Brotherhood Basics was a course designed to give new members a crash course in #allthethings, but the consistent member feedback was that the course was simply too long and daunting for new members who had to pass it to reach the Journeyman ranks. It was also determined during my review of our Fundamentals Department that the information contained in this course was now largely already provided by our Essentials series of courses – with the single exception of its section on website navigation.

As the ability to navigate the vast amount of information and wealth of tools available on our website (yay, James!) is essential and typically something new members will endeavor to do on their own in an effort to understand our club, we couldn’t retire DB Basics without replacing that content.

Hello, World Wide Web!

Fortunately, one of our new Magistrates came to us with some ideas for this topic in his application, so we set him to work on his first project after the Great Jedi War. In that short amount of time, Knight Aru Law put together our new Website Navigation course, working with me through various rounds of edits and ideas to produce what we hope will be a useful resource to our new members!

The course utilizes a number of screen capture gifs to visually show members how the site functions more dynamically than text or static screenshots. Huge thanks and props to Aru for learning a new tool and capturing all the gifs for this course!

Comms 101: Website Navigation will now be the first in our Communications series of courses in our Fundamentals Department, as the website is inevitably the first communication tool with which our members will interact. Its addition also means that we are retiring DB Basics and lifting that promotion requirement.

New Communications Pundit Degree

With the completion of our planned Communications series of courses, we are also adding a Communications Pundit Degree to reward members who complete all four courses:

  • Comms 101: Website Navigation
  • Comms 102: Telegram
  • Comms 103: Discourse
  • Comms 104: DJB Wiki (An Introduction)

Darkness guide,

Ciara Tearnan Rothwell Tarentae
Headmistress of the Shadow Academy

Nice work, gang!

Ooo! Nice going, Aru! ^^

Awesome work, Aru!

Woot bestfrentice!

RIP Basics

great more courses for me to master

Excellent! It was about time for DB Basics to hang its hat up. It did its job, but now it's time to streamline this suckah! :D

Great work!

It's good to see processes being updated! Will you guys end up requiring new members to complete any of those courses, or the degree, for future new joins? Either way, great work!

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