SA Society Requirements


SA Society Requirements

Howie's been bugging me about this forever :P The exact requirements for advancing within the Shadow Academy Society have been kept secret since it launched, though members pretty quickly managed to figure out most of them. Today, I'm pulling back the curtain:

Rank 1: 1 Credit, members only need to take one course (other than the Test of Lore) to be considered part of the Society
Rank 2: 10 Credits
Rank 3: 25 Credits
Rank 4: 45 Credits and one Dark Maven Degree
Rank 5: 75 Credits and one Dark Savant Degree
Rank 6: 120 Credits and two Dark Savant Degrees
Rank 7: Rank 6 and three Dark Savant Degrees
Rank 8: Rank 7 /w average 90% course score (1 Sage = 88%, 2 Sage = 86%, 3+ Sage = 84%)
Rank 9: Rank 7 /w average 95% course score (1 Sage = 93%, 2 Sage = 91%, 3+ Sage = 89%)
Rank 10: Rank 7 /w average 99% course score (1 Sage = 97%, 2 Sage = 95%, 3+ Sage = 93%)
Rank 11: Rank 10 and every non-service / programming degree, below Sage level
Rank 12: Rank 11 and one Sage and average 99% course score

So there you have it! What's confused most people, I think, is course average modifier for ranks 7-10. So, basically, the secret is to get 100% on every exam. :p The wiki appears to be down right now, but it will be updated to reflect the exact requirements when it comes back up.

To be clear, I am working on changes to the SA Society rank progression, with the goals of allowing most members to reach rank 6 with some dedication and making more use of ranks 7-10, which are largely bypassed under the current system. I'll keep you all updated!

I was wondering how you get rank 11 and 12.

The mystery has been solved.


Wiki should be back up :)


Thanks for letting us know


And now to go back and retake my <99% tests...

^I know comes the resit exams surge.

Are the actual names of the ranks going to remain the same or are they just a placeholder? 'magna cum laude', etc. brings to mind a US college kid more than a scholar of dark lore, feels a little bit out of place with the theme of the 'shadow' academy

I believe it fits it perfectly.

^ someone did their homework.

But i can also see the point in making it more Dark Jedi'ish. Why dont you write up a proposal Elincia? Who knows what will happen ^^

I suddenly feel an urge to actually try and rank up my SA rank now- and with no GJW to distract me, I might finally do that (and I just want a holocron :P).

@Elincia From memory, the reasoning back when it launched, I think, was that most Sith/Jedi/Dark stuff has been used in a bunch of places already- though I must admit, personally I'm not really fussed if words like Master get used ten times, as Master of Dark Lord, Headmaster, Grand Master, Dark Jedi Master... each is their own, same as I'd also be fine seeing the SA just reuse some of the same things again myself, though YMMV of course.

From my perspective: Latin names are fancy and nice, but when they're actually still famously used in real life by a part of the world, they lose their sparkle and seem more taken from RL than from fantasy. Might write up a proposal at some point (but may be redundant as Dacien will likely read this anyway), a nice democratic way would be to host a competition for the club to come up with new ones and the winner wins a vote or something.

If the current ones win, fair enough, democracy rules, but I can't be the only one who doesn't really see the current names as the kind of terms that would ever be used to describe Dark Jedi in the star wars universe.

Nooo! My life's work!!


And yeah, the names... The DJB has a lot of names for a lot of things. Finding names that fit a theme that don't already have meaning within the club is hard. I always said: "if you can come up with 12 names that are better, put them in an email and flick them through." I'm sure Bubba would be open to suggestions too.

Since I recently made it to SA12 I propose the following system..

  • Rank 1
  • Rank 2
  • Rank 3
  • Rank 4

And so forth, because for serials... I don't know any of the rank names :P

Yacks makes a good point actually... I never remember these sorta things either (SA, ACC, or elsewhere).

Maybe just do something like the GMRG with its Eschelons, and break the 12 ranks up into three or four, erm, "Learning Grades" (needs better name :P), which are then just Grade 1: Rank 1, 2, 3, 4; Grade 2: Rank, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. That way you don't need 12 distinct names.

Which, actually, would be just like school, with Junior, Middle, High, Grad, or whatever.

Wizard of Oz big reveal.....On a related note, consider me a Holocron chaser as well....

Only problem with giving "dark" titles to the ranks is the light jedi we have. We then need 12 each for both light and dark

now i kinda get the Idea that what i earned isn't so special anymore, everyone gonna be running around with holocrons now :(

Not sure the idea is to make it special. The idea is to motivate members to partake in this particular activity. Dossier candy is just the rewards for participating.

Time to retake some exams.

lol, this'll be fun

Wondering exactly what courses fit the non-service/programming exemption from Level XI. It may seem self evident but suggest it be codified perhaps.

So the basics are 1 Credit per Exam. Are there bonus Credits awarded for Pundits, Mavens, Savants and such?

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