SA Update #1


SA Update #1

Greetings all,

About 5 minutes ago, the Test of Power was removed from the list of courses the Shadow Academy has to offer. It will not return. Do not worry, in order to now earn the Dark Savant: Tactics & Communications (SVTC) - which in itself is a requirement for the Dark Sage: Gaming (SGG) - you will now just have to earn a Pendant of Blood.

We basically cut out the middle man here, since the Test of Power just asked you to earn a PoB and the exam consisted of you posting a link to it.

In other news, the wonderful people at Looking For Group (LFG) brought out an SW themed comic strip in their Tiny Dick Adventures Series.

Tiny Dick

I see wisdom in this decision. :P

Will we have to earn a new PoB for this?


I see a HM patting himself on the bum :P

those who couldn't access the link:

Well I can see problems with this as there are many who don't game and get their requirements with CoI instead of CoF. If right, you can only get a PoB through gaming.

Brim - the only way to pass the Test of Power was to earn a PoB. You're thinking of the other degree requirements.

Like Ood said, nothing has changed. You just no longer need to copy / paste the URL for being awarded a PoB into a SA Course to get the degree now. The site is smart enough to check for you.

While I'm posting... I'd also like to pat the Headmaster on the back for this one :p

Well it was test of power as the requirement for the degree. What I'm getting at is now it's a pob for it, many folks who don't game, despite getting everything else for that degree including coi, now can't get the degree because of the new requirements.

Also, what does this do to those who have the degree, but no pob? Do they lose their degree now

And the Test of Power was basically "Did you get a PoB". It is the EXACT SAME REQUIREMENT. They just took away the hassle of it being a specific test where you just linked to the PoB you had earned. Not a single thing has changed in terms of the work you are required to do

Basically Brim, it changes nothing apart from taking out the hassle of another course, it is all automated.

But what about the precious academic credits??? :P

We'll release an extra course to compensate! :P

Well I know I got my test of.power done in 2007 and didn't ever get a PoB till.a couple months ago.

I think a better use would have been to keep test of power, but add PoB along in same categories as Coi (25) or CoF (250) needed to earn degree.

Just my opinion.

Oh, isn't SVTC supposed to be for Dark Savant Tactics and Combat, not Tactics and Communication?


The Test of Power, for the last 5 year has been "earn a PoB and post the url to it in the exam field". We are not screwing people out of anything here. We are indeed considering something to make this degree reachable via ACC and not gaming, but this was a change to streamline a process, not to screw ACCers out of a degree. Okay?

Can we go back to talking about the HM's pattable backside?

Wooo thanks for making things easier on us Dacien, saved me the hassle of navigating the Shadow Academy

C'mere so can pat that rump!

This comment thread made me giggle :P

rubs his hand over the HM's left arse-cheek

Well done, the kiwi is giggling

Loud noises!

I think Brimstone is right. Have you guys considered how this will affect non-gamers?


Wasn't trying to stir up anything ood. Just asking questions.

We are considering altering the Dark Savant: Tactics and Combat and bringing the Dark Sage: Gaming into like so that they can be completed either by the current method of purely gaming, by a new method of purely doing ACC or by a combination of the two. Stay tuned for more news on this. But for now, we just made this alteration to streamline the procedure.

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