Santa Sarin - Adept Xen'Mordin awarded the Emerald Dagger


Santa Sarin - Adept Xen'Mordin awarded the Emerald Dagger

Greetings Everyone,

I love Xmas! To kick of this morning's holiday we are awarding Xen'Mordin the Emerald Dagger. Xen has served as Consul of Scholae for nearly two years and has ushered in an era of stability and quiet leadership in his Clan. His work has been phenomenal and Mav and I are proud to award him. Congrats Xen!


Congratulations, Xen!! Well deserved!!!

Yay fallax Xen!


Congrats mate!

Goooood Xen.



The Emperor be praised! Good job, dude. You are an example to us all. :)

Congrats Xen! Try not to be possessed for too long!

Nice, Xen! Well deserved.

Isn't it more like six years, not two? Also, congratulations Xen!


Huzzah and gratz and such

Congratulations Xen!!

Way to go Xen :D

Great job Xen!

Congrats boss!

Congrats Xen!

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