Shadow Academy: Department of Leadership Studies


Shadow Academy: Department of Leadership Studies

I am happy to announce the launch of three brand new courses today, along with the creation of a new Department of Leadership Studies. Props to Xantros, who wrote the bulk of these courses, and to He-Who-Hunts-Buffalo, who did a substantial amount of writing and editing on the massive new Proposals course. Xantros will serve as Professor of the new Department, pulling double duty (for now) as Professor of Writing Studies.

Additionally, the trigger-happy M:MAA-CON who isn't Aabs will be assuming the role of Docent for Leadership Rewards. Malik and Howie "Not Mandel" Taldrya spent a ton of time commenting on and editing the course in an effort to make it reflect MAA policy and provide useful tools for members. Thanks, guys!

Finally, I mentioned the Proposals course is a beast. It isn't something that can be knocked out in an hour, and its Academic Credit value reflects that. It's also going to take a lot of time and effort to grade. As a result, I am opening applications for the position of Docent for Leadership Proposals. This will be an unusual Docent job, and as such has some specific requirements:

  • Must have leadership experience as an Aedile or higher (Praetor is acceptable)
  • Must have successfully written, reviewed, and/or implemented a proposal of at least House-level significance
  • Must be willing to critically read and comment on proposal submissions within 48-72 hours

This Docent will work closely with Xantros to review and grade submissions to the Proposals course. Please send your applications to me, Ood, and Xantros no later than 11:59PM EDT on Saturday, July 19. I reserve the right to pick someone awesome before then.

EDIT: No changes have been made to Leadership degree requirements yet. A fourth new Leadership course is in the works. When that is launched, degree changes will be announced.

"House Puppies and Rainbows" and the "Knights of Happiness" -The Leadership: Rewards Course Materials

LOL! I'll have to use that in my next report. Seriously though, great courses.

So, are there any plans to move the existing leadership courses (fundamentals and studies) to the new department?

Turel, no, they will be retired once the fourth new Leadership course is launched.

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