Shadow Academy seeking Professor for love.


Shadow Academy seeking Professor for love.

Hello all,

First if you have not read the news posts about Atty's Emerald Dagger, or Pravus' 2nd Golden Lightsaber do it. Then come back here.

We are currently looking to fill the Department of Legends Professor position. The position comes with a small weekly credit stipend, but more importantly it helps fulfill the leadership requirements for most promotions! There are a few requirements for the position as you will see below.

  1. 24 hour (12 preferred) grading turnaround times.
  2. Ability to use Telegram.
  3. Having taken all of the courses with a passing grade.

There is no minimum rank required. However, your activity levels will certainly help aid us in choosing. The chosen person will work with the HM, P:HM, and M:HM staff in the creation of 2 additional courses to finish out the Fate of the Jedi and Legacy era's of Legends. Absolute knowledge of those era's are not required, but if you do not know, expect to do some research!

Send your applications to both Farrin and myself. Applications are due no later than 2359 EST on March 2nd.

Good luck everyone!

Working with Farrin and company can be an absolute treat if you don't mind the work involved. Come on out and apply, folks.

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