Star Chamber Appointment


Star Chamber Appointment

Members of the Dark Brotherhood,

Dark Adept Dacien Victae’s appointment to the position of Justicar has made him ineligible to continue his service as one of the two temporary voting members of the Star Chamber.

Section 3.02 of the Covenant, Membership in the Star Chamber, details the requirements for the selection process of Temporary Voting Members. The nomination fell to me during this period and the Star Chamber held a week of discussions on the matter.

I am happy to announce the selection of Adept Malik Sadow as our newest Star Chamber member. Malik will serve a two year period starting today.

  • for the DB historians/lawyers, no veto was used in the process.

Congrats, Malik

aw man, not Malik :P

Congrats, great choice!

Congratulations Malik! WoopWoop!

Congrats, Malik!

Unlimited power! Right? Please tell me I get unlimited power.

On another note, I would like to thank Sarin for the nomination and the rest of the Star Chamber for not vetoing. :P

Congrats Malik. I love you comment above in response lol

Yay Mr. Carr.

good job

Congrats Mal

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