Star Wars Rebels: Old Ben Kenobi?


Star Wars Rebels: Old Ben Kenobi?

IGN reported today, that we may be seeing major characters from the Star Wars movies make an appearance in Star Wars Rebels. Based on Obi-Wan's inclusion in an image depicting the line up of upcoming Star Wars Rebels toys, it's likely that the Jedi Master may be making an appearance in the series.

Clone Wars Obi-Wan

Hopes are high that, if this is true, James Arnold Taylor will be reprising his role as the voice of Obi-Wan.

Rebels is meant to be set five years before Episode IV, in which Kenobi tell Luke "I haven't gone by the name of Obi-Wan since... oh, before you were born." This is probably the exaggeration of an old man, given that he was present at Luke's birth as was probably still called Obi-Wan there, but he was hiding from the Empire for years. So just what sort of role, and in what capacity, will he appear on the show?

I am entirely ok with this. Clone Wars did an amazing job of actually building an Obiwan character that I loved, so I'd be really excited to see him continue on.

More Alec Guinness! :P

So the argument for Kenobi in Rebels is that the character appears on the back of upcoming "Saga Legends" action figures marketed under the Rebels banner. Except looking at that image also shows characters like Plo Koon - who canonically died on screen in Ep III. So...I'm skeptical. Supporter, but skeptical.

Oh, the character on the box is called "Rebels Obi-Wan," specifically different from another TCW Obi-Wan on the box. Maybe....still skeptical. Considering Filoni has said Rebels will focus exclusively on one group of characters who I hope stay away from Tatooine and silly baby Luke cameos.

I'm actually excited to see how Obi-wan will shape and bend the world to see fit for Young Luke to grow in, without the danger of the Empire heavily influencing his actions.

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