Tacitus Athanasius Report #4


Tacitus Athanasius Report #4

Blizzard winds blew through the arches of Silent Death Citadel as it stood tall within the blizzard filled sky. Shadow Nighthunter sat in the dimly-lit main chamber as she stared at the large, obsidian doors. News had she just received from Brandon Tarsus, the mercenary having killed off all three of the pests the League of Liberation had hired. Overdue was the news, but grateful was the Sith Warrior when she heard Tarsus speak of their end.

Now, she awaited her Sergeant, ready to share the news with her sister, and before long, Alara Deathbane entered the chamber. “You summoned me, Shadow?”

The Battle Team Leader nodded as she stood up from her seat and approached the half-Sephi. “All three have been taken out. They’re no longer a threat to Excidium.”

Alara grinned with satisfaction. “Good, good. It seems we’ve spared the Quaestor from more work then.”

Shadow nodded. “Indeed, however, I believe there will be more to worry about soon. The winds of war aren’t too far off, and Excidium will have new enemies that we will have to eliminate. We will need to be ready for the call.”

“I will make sure everyone will be ready for the taste of blood,” Alara said as her eyes flashed with bloodlust.

“See that you do.” Shadow was ready to take her leave, but she suddenly stopped and looked at her Sergeant. “No mistakes will be allowed, Alara...make sure they know that.”

Greetings, fellow brethren of the Darkness.

April was a rather swift month! Time flies when you’re killing stuff. We had a lot of things going on within our Battle Team, our House, our Clan, and our Brotherhood. Biggest of thank you’s to those of you who made the time for Tacitus Athanasius. We have had quite the number of achievements within our Battle Team! Congratulations to you and your shines. Here’s the list:

Malodin’Tater: Received a Dark Cross

Shadow Nighthunter: Received a Steel Cross, Placed 1st in Training Montage, placed 2nd in Recruitment

Alara Deathbane: Received a Dark Cross

Arron Saylos: Received a Dark Cross and 4 Clusters of Ice

Brandon Tarsus: Placed 1st in “Snakes, why does it have to be snakes?”, “Birds of a feather die together”, and “Feel the sting!”

Zehsaa Hysh: Placed 1st in Recruitment, “[DB Art Club] Sketch Something! #6”,"[DB Art Club] Sketch Something! FINALE", "[DB Art Club] Sketch Something!", "I Demand a Trial By Combat - Rollmaster Monthly Topic April 2016 - Graphics", placed 2nd in "CSP Card Shark April 2016

We have three competitions that will expire this coming Friday. If you have not entered for these yet, now is your chance!

Within the Family - Who do you think deserves to be destroyed within our battle team? How would your character go about it? Would they be successful? Write about it here: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions/10379

Your Mark - Everyone has their own way of dealing with their corpses. Whether that means you leave an insignia wherever you go, build a body totem like Hannibal, or even leave a note. What does your character do to their dead? Show us through graphics and multimedia: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions/10380

Brotherhood - We are part of a very culture-filled clan, as well as a very prominent House. Our Battle Team, however, is a marvel in and of itself. In the form of poetry, tell us of your dedication to Silent Hill Citadel and all the assassins within: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions/10381

Once again, these competitions end TOMORROW! You still have a chance to get in there and show us what you got.

We will be working on more competitions in the future, and would like to hear your feedback. If there is anything you would/wouldn’t like to see here in our Battle Team, don’t be afraid to let us know!

We also have the Feud against Naga Sadow coming up rather soon. Make sure you stay tuned for details on that.

Thank you all for a audaciously assassin-filled April. I’m looking forward to seeing what this marvelously malicious May will bring us. (Yay alliteration!)

Until Next time,

The Sharpest of blades for the Darkest of Nights.

  • Knight Alara Deathbane, Sergeant


Sweet stuff, Alara!

Well done!

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