Tarentum Consul: Bloodfyre


Tarentum Consul: Bloodfyre

Greetings DB,

I have waived the application requirement for Clan Tarentum's Consul position and appointed DJM Bloodfyre to the position. BF has served our Club for many years and his recent efforts in Tarentum are deserving of an immediate appointment.

Please take a moment to congratulate Bloodfyre.

No surprise here, Master. Good to see you on the throne!

Congratulations Beef!

Congratulations Beef!

Way to go, Beef! The big question is will Bloodfyre be making his return, or will Dek Sabbat be turning Tarentum into Clan Mercenary? :)

Congrats Beef!

The question of "Dek Sabbat" will be answered in my upcoming report. Sith Bloodfyre isn't gone. :)

Congratulations!!! Way to go and richly deserved!!!

Congrats, BF!

Congrats, Beef!

Wooo Congrats Beef!!! :)

Congrats, Beef!!!

Congratulations, Beef! This is your third time as Consul, I think? Good things come in threes, huh?

Third run as Consul, fourth as head of Tarentum (one stint as QUA of House Tarentum). It'll be fun. :)

I won't congratulate Beef and you can't make me :P


Congrats Beef.

Congrats Beef!

Congratulations! Always loved working with you, Beef!

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