Tarentum Consul: Frosty!


Tarentum Consul: Frosty!

Greetings Everyone,

The title says it all. Frosty has been appointed as the new Consul of Clan Tarentum. We appreciate everyone taking the time to submit applications. It was a difficult decision process, but both Mav and I were confident that Frosty was the best person for the job.

Please take the time to congratulate Frosty and wish him well!.


Congratulations Frosty! You'll do awesome!

Congratulations! Good luck to you in your new position!

Congrats man! Enjoy the new workload :D


Frosty, you'll do an amazing job! Congrats man!


Congrats, Frosty!

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bossman!

Good luck Frosty!

Congrats Frosty!! And Good Luck!

Congrats Frosty!

You're gonna make one helluva CON!

Congratulations, Master. The ale is on you, you know that right?

Yay Frosty!

Congrats Frosty. From the Grey Wolf Battle Team and its Members and Leadership.

We hope you enjoy your new Post and we look forward to be working. With you Bud Congrats


Frosty! JA? Also, congrats! :P

Frosty the SnowCON!!!!! (TM)

Thank you all! I have some big shoes to fill but I will give it my best. Tarentum momentum!

Congrats Master

Congrats Frosty!!! Woooo Woooo! Good luck with your new position, may the Force guide you.

Congrats Frosty!

Welcome, Frosty.

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