Tenixir Prison Break


Tenixir Prison Break

Lictor-class Dungeon Ship Misery
Space, Arx System

The Brotherhood’s great dungeon ship, Misery, floated in the shadow of Arx, fully at home in the darkness of space. An outsider might have said it was peaceful, drifting in the black, secure in the depths of its home system. Inside the ship was a different story. Thousands of containment cells sat empty, ready and willing to accept new prisoners. The hundreds of security officers ran from station to station ensuring everything was in order. Void of prisoners, the walls of the ship seemed to radiate the screams of victims long since passed.

On the bridge, two Dark Councilors stood before the bridge window that looked down on the dark side of Arx. Both too absorbed in their datapads to appreciate the dawning light of Arx Primus just now breaking pasted the dark orb of the planet below them. As the light broke past the planet, dozens of other ships became visible beside the Misery in orbit. All preparing for voyage as well.

“A surprising amount of political prisoners are being sent. They will make poor workers,” Dacien Victae said. His eyes had paused on one of the lines displayed on his datapad.

“They aren’t expecting to get any of them back. They know this is a one way trip. They will work fine for our… other uses,” Atra replied, not looking up from his own datapad. He paused a moment before continuing, “They could have provided more of the captured Collective forces however.”

“They will in time. Just getting the Principate to agree to how many bodies has wasted months. Their bureaucracy is never ceasing,” The Justicar sighed. Atra gave a short quick nod. As if the Severian Principate had known they were being talked about at that moment, the comms behind the Councilors beeped. An incoming communication.

Both men turned to address the four holographic personages that appeared. It was the Triumvir of Oaths, Vairya Muktiba. She was flanked by her three top administrative assistants.

“Greetings Dacien, Atra. I am calling to notify you that the Principate is authorizing the release of another four thousand prisoners to your facilities. These include a large number of the Collective forces we captured in the Lyra system. Adlez agreed it would be a sign of good faith and beneficial to our alliance,” Vaiyra began immediately.

“We are honored,” Dacien responded with a slight bow of his head. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Atra quickly running the numbers and adjusting their transport plans. Vaiyra gave a soft smile of appreciation.

“We are very grateful for your assistance in this matter. Our prison has been nearing double its designed capacity. I know you are deep in preparation for this transfer of prisoners, we are ready to disclose the location of our prison facility… There had been some debate if we should move them to a temporary location prior to the transfer. It is one of our most closely guarded secrets,” Vairya explained. She appeared to press several buttons on her end of the communication, and the comms gave another beep as a new holoimage appeared. The image was of a system with a single large planet.

“The prison is on Tenixir within the Varton system. It… has unique properties that have been beneficial in the continued security of the prison. Along with its remote location it has been easily missed by most looking for it,” she continued. “We look forward to your arrival.”

With that the communication ended. Both councilors stood staring at the planet information before them. Both councilors were left to admire the kind of tenacity required to maintain a prison on such a planet.

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Hello everyone and welcome to the opening of the Tenixir Prison Break! Evant asked I get this posted so here is the low down. This is a personal level competition event as part of the lead up to our next vendetta, not a clan one.

The parent competition can be found here. There are several competitions to enjoy including a run-on, fiction, logo creation, and NPC creation.

The “core” portion of this event is the run-on competition, taking you down to the surface of the Principate’s prison planet, Tenixir. Within the prison, you have to possible choices, and the prevailing one will have lasting consequences moving forward:

First option: The Severian Principate has requested the Dark Jedi Brotherhood restrain all prisoners or if necessary shoot to kill all who don’t obey to regain control. They are strict about control and order and do not stand for disobedience.

Second option: Disregard the Severian Principate orders and work with the prisoners instead of shooting or otherwise treating them like the prisoners they are. Working with the pirates who made contact with the Dark Council to help re-establish control.

This one has been a long time coming with some RL hiccups pushing it back and we are very excited to have it out for you all to participate in.



Verwy nice! :D

Awesome! Looking forward to participating in this.

For anyone that wants it, you can contact me on telegram at @awildcanuck if you'd like to get a copy of my high quality NPC character sheet template from Google Docs. It mirrors the same layout as the website, colors and all!



More action and excitement!

@Atra - some money is made from wood, so technically, it does grow on trees

Thank you for making a literal counterpoint to a song lyric.




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