The Fox Says: Congratulations on your Seals of Loyalty


The Fox Says: Congratulations on your Seals of Loyalty


Today is the Day of the Fox and it is our tradition to award Seals of Loyalty to members who have shown tremendous dedication and loyalty to our club. Congratulations to the following members on their SoLs.

Star Chamber and Dark Council Nominations

Muz Ashen (Nominated by the Star Chamber)
James Lucius Entar Arconae (Nominated by the Star Chamber)
Valhavoc (Nominated by the Star Chamber)
Armags (Nominated by the Star Chamber)
Mav (Nominated by the Star Chamber)
Mirus (Nominated by the Grand Master)
Brimstone (Nominated by the Deputy Grand Master)
Jac Cotelin (Nominated by the SCL)
Ernodeth (Nominated by the Fist)
Shadow (Nominated by the Voice)
Meleu (Nominated by the Headmaster)
V'yr (Nominated by the Herald)
Evant (Nominated by the MAA)

Unit Nominations

Raistline (Nominated by the First Clan of the Brotherhood, Taldryan)
Zoron (Nominated by the First Clan of the Brotherhood, Taldryan)
Mark (Nominated by Clan Arcona)
Turel (Nominated by Clan Arcona)
Rial (Nominated by House Tarentum)
Farrin (Nominated by House Tarentum)
Seraphol (Nominated by House Odan Urr)
Shorurra (Nominated by House Odan Urr)
Locke (Nominated by Clan Naga Sadow)
Daedric (Nominated by Clan Naga Sadow)
Dante (Nominated by HSP)
Lucyeth (Nominated by HSP)
Teylas (Nominated by Plagueis)
Taranae (Nominated by Plagueis)

Nominated by Esoteric

Aabs (One Sith Bonus Nomination)
Bubba (One Sith Bonus Nomination)

Congratulations to everyone on their Seals!

Gratz people

Congrats everyone! Also, good-guy Esoteric!

Congrats to everyone who received a Seal! You deserve it

Congratulations everyone!

Congratulations people!

Not nearly enough poutine talk around these parts. Not nearly.


I like that fox picture up there.

And congratulations to everyone who got one.

Congratulations all and thank you for seal.

Also, congratulations to my former apprentice, Taranae Rhode. She just made it to sith warrior. All in 360 days since joining the djb.

What does the Fox say? Congrats grats grats gr grats everyone!

To say Im shocked I got one is a freaking understatement. Congrats to all the others who received one, especially if its your first!

/me runs around naked with the giblets hanging out.

Why? Because I'm awesome. See above :P

Thanks and congrats to everyone else who got one! And... I'm not sorry about the naked part.

A baby Seal walks into a club...

Also, congrats to the SoL recepients.

Congratulations to all recipients!


I'd like to thank my One Sith overlords for... er... I mean, I don't know that guy. Never seen him before in my life. :P

That is one sexy, sexy fox. (And, ofc, congrats to all on their SoLs!)

Congratulations everyone! And thanks so much for my Seal :) All this on top of hitting Equite ranks too, consider my head a shed for a while as I digest this....

Bubba's a witch!!! (Grats everyone)

Yea...Bubba....look at Bubba.....over there....

Congratulations everyone! A hard earned six months!


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