The Golden Lightsaber: Awarded to Prophet Telaris "Mav" Cantor


The Golden Lightsaber: Awarded to Prophet Telaris "Mav" Cantor

Greetings Everyone,

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope all of you are enjoying today with your family and friends. Please take a moment to read today's major news: The awarding of a Golden Lightsaber to Mav. I put the write up below because it sums up Mav's contributions to our club and my gratitude for his support.

The Golden Lightsaber has only been awarded thirteen times in the history of the Dark Brotherhood. Only eleven members have received this honor and eight of them have been Grand Masters. The three members who were not Grand Masters; James Lucius Entar, Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor, and Kir Taldrya Katarn all served on the Dark Council and provided our club with Grand Master-like contributions. Today, I am honored to award another member of the Dark Brotherhood with the Golden Lightsaber and welcome him to one of the most exclusive club's in the DJB.

Prophet Telaris "Mav" Cantor is our Deputy Grand Master, but he enjoys near parallel Grand Master decision making authority and is a Grand Master in all but rank. Mav has earned this authority through countless years of dedication to the Dark Brotherhood, through countless hours of counsel to multiple Grand Masters, and through his steadfast work to improve our member's experiences.

Mav's role as our Deputy Grand Master is that of a co-leader. I do not make decisions without his advice and often I trust him to make decisions without me. This has brought on a period of stability, creativity, and growth in our club's systems and processes that have not been seen in years. Just take a look at our website, our club, and compare it to two years ago. Old systems have been vanquished and outdated clutter has been swept away. In its place has come possessions, new character sheets, new ACC rules, new orders, a new member join experience, and a host of other projects that are too numerous to name (and remember!). These new systems and projects are all a result of Mav's work, effort, and vision. He has either had a guiding hand or has been the lead on each of them and his efforts have fundamentally changed our club.

I am extremely fortunate to have Mav as my co-leader and it is my honor to award him our club's highest honor.


Mav may be the worst, but he's my Mav.

Well done, Little Mav.

Congrats Mav!

Oooooeeeeeehh.... Shiny!!!

Well deserved! Congrats!

Holy crap! Congrats, Mav! A rare sight indeed.

Congrats, Mav! Absolutely deserved.

Hell yes! Congrats Mav!

Gratz, Mav!

uh oh, Mav's head is gonna swell up now.

Gratz dude

The past year and half have been a genuine pleasure working with Mav. This reward is well deserved. Congratulations!

Congratulations Mav!!

Congrats Mav!

Well done, jackass

You're still the worst. Expect for Jac.

(Congrats Mav!)

Congratulations to you, Mav. It is a rare prize indeed, but definitely well deserving of your efforts.

That'll do, Mav...that'll do

Congratulations Mav!

Congratulations, Mav. ^,^

Congrats Mav!!

From the moment of the Split, Mav has proven himself in multiple roles. One of my favorites was basically as an ambassador to other Clubs while we showed we would be an active and dedicated part of the gaming community. Mav is a leader, an advisor and a dedicated benefactor. If philanthropy is alive and well in the Brotherhood, it it because of people like him.

The Golden Lightsaber used to be something like a retirement award for GMs, but it truly has become something more coveted and genuine. And we can all see why.

Congrats, Mav.

Thank you, everyone, for the kind words, and thank you to the Grand Master for giving me this opportunity to work with everyone here to make this the best club it can be!

Congrats! Definitely a well-earned honor.

Congratulations Mav :) High honors!

Well-earned Mav. It's been awesome working with you as Consul, and I look forward to it again, someday.

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