The New CSP PCON and CSP Rollmaster Open for Applications


The New CSP PCON and CSP Rollmaster Open for Applications

Attention All -

This morning our lovely and hardworking Proconsul, Cyris Oscura, notified us that he would be resigning to focus more on his family, art, and writing. Cyris has been an immense aid to the clan, bringing a lot of insight and great ideas to help push us forward. He brought a ton of passion and dedication, and for that, I thank him immensely.

As for his replacement, Cyris’s suggestion for it mirrored my own. Following a brief conversation with Pravus and Mav, I have gotten their approval for the position. Elincia Rei will be stepping from our Clan Rollmaster into the position of Proconsul. Eli has already been involved in discussions about every ongoing clan project and plans, and I know he will do a kick ass job as our PCON.

This of course leaves the position of Rollmaster open for applications. This position involves maintaining close contact with all new members of the clan and over seeing the MSP (including setting up compatible matches between master and student). Beyond that, this position is utilized as a Clan level set of abilities to aid in all ongoing clan projects and goals.

Applications are open Brotherhood-wide until end of day Monday, September 12. We reserve the right to fill this position earlier than this should we feel it applicable.

Applications should be emailed to myself, and to Elincia Rei.


  • 24-hour email turn around
  • Rank of at least JM4 (Knight, Professional, Captain)
  • Ability to track and maintain contact with al JM level members
  • Willing to put up with me and Eli

Congratulations to a fine, fine replacement. Good luck, Elincia. :)

Thank you for everything Cyris and congrats to Elincia :D

Congrats Eli. And Cyris, I think I have said everything I had to in private, but again, thanks for all your hard work!

Thank you for your hard work Cyris and congrats to Eli! Long may you reign!

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