The Undertaking: Extended!


The Undertaking: Extended!


The Undertaking: September 19th - October 9th


Events Extended

Given the somewhat low number of entries across the fiction and article creation events for the Undertaking, I've decided to extend the entire event through this weekend. All events will now close on October 9th at the end of the day (per the website). At the moment, there are only two entries total for the fiction event and one for the team article creation event, so there are still unclaimed first level crescents out there on the table. Additionally, there is still the matter of the custom dossier accessory for the overall winner to be determined as well. This is a custom item that will ONLY be available to the winner of this competitive event. Also, who knows, but if entries for the article creation events are good enough, they may be chosen in the future as possible featured articles and net their authors the coveted Dark Side Scroll that goes with it.

So get out there and wiki your hearts out!


The Undertaking is comprised of five individual events, with the master competition able to be found here.

  • Fiction: Selika Roh, Tribune of the Holocrons of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, requires your assistance. A double encrypted message has arrived from the Warlord, requesting your presence. Upon meeting with her, she will give you the location information and the task which she has for you to complete.
  • Article Creation: For this event, individuals will be tasked with the creation of a single Wiki article. Article content (not counting infoboxes, image captions, or wiki formatting) must be no less than 400 words and no more than 1,200 words. The goal of this event is to create an article that comprehensively covers a limited subject as opposed to writing an exceedingly long article.
  • Article Creation (Team): For this event, teams of 2-5 members will be tasked with the creation of a single Wiki article. Article content (not counting infoboxes, image captions, or wiki formatting) must be no less than 500 words with no upper limit.
  • Wiki Trivia: Using the DJB WIKI as your guide, answer the ten questions correctly, and in the fastest time possible. Questions will vary widely, but every answer can be found on the Wiki.
  • High Profile:: As a part of The Undertaking, there will be a hunt. Of the wiki kind. Using the clues provided below, search the DJB Wiki for the answer. The person with the most correct answers will be victorious. In the event of a tie, the fastest time taken to complete the event will be judged.

This is a perfect opportunity to go out there and earn yourself some 1st tier shinies. The events are a lot of fun, and only require a little wiki knowledge, and a good deal of imagination. Let's go!

Get out there and do the thing. It is more fun to grade a competition when we have more participants, and this is an excellent opportunity for members new and old to make a splash! Don't be scared off by the wiki formatting, we have a guide for that!

The competitions are fun and may have an influence on official Brotherhood fiction. Including the 1st level crescents, what more could one want out of a competition?

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