The Way of The Blade: Lightsaber Guide


The Way of The Blade: Lightsaber Guide

The Way of The Blade

"Having reached the end of my poor sinner's life, my hair now white, I prepare to leave on this parchment my legacy and knowledge about the art of combat with lightsabers."

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Lightsaber Guide: The Way of The Blade is now available for your viewing pleasure via the drop-down Resources Menu at the top of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Homepage. Please offer your thanks to the hard working and dedicated team, highlighted on page 88 of the guide, that facilitated this incredible project.

Finally!!!! Enjoy, all! Hats off to the team lead, Shi Long!

So glad to see this out finally! Looks amazing!

Are there any plans to have a plain-text version of the two guides?

Yes. This is the pdf of the website which features, among other things, an Easy To Read option.

Nice job guys!

Awesome job!

Amazing, so much beauty in this guide. I cannot wait to nit pick it all and enjoy!

This turned out absolutely amazing!

good read indeed

Amazing! I'm going to lose many hours to this!

As far as the Alchemy Guide goes, we do have a raw text file somewhere. I'm sure a plain text doc could be done or linked to- but I'm not very computer savvy.

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