Tweet to Win!


Tweet to Win!

Welcome Dark Jedi! (and you goodie two shoes lighties from HOU)

For just over one month I’ve been given the incredible opportunity to join the Recruitment team to handle our Twitter account. In order to increase the traffic going to our account I’ve created tweets and retweeted other tweets, but I’m going to do try something new and give you all the chance for shiny awards! We will be running a 6 week social media event called Dark Brotherhood @midnight! For those unfamiliar with the Comedy Central TV show , this is a game revolving around comedy and social media. Each event for our game will be Star Wars themed and require the use of Twitter. There will be no limit to the amount of entries, but the tweets must be sent during the time frame for each competition. There will be a total of 6 competitions each lasting one week. The 6th competition will only be available to the 5 lucky individuals who have earned the most points. Try to have the answer that garners the most laughs to be awarded points. The winner of the final competition will get bragging rights and be announced on Twitter and the news page as the DB's Funniest Social Media Guru! If this isn’t enough for you all each week crescents will be up for grabs and Scrolls of Indoctrination will be awarded, based on the details listed in the parent competition, to all participants. The first competition starts August 15th so grab your phones, tablets, and laptops and I’ll see you on the Twitter!


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Dru blows the dust off his Twitter account

Should be fun!

Love it! Great idea Ernordeth :D

Someone is having twitter jitters

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