Two New Councillors of Urr!!!


Two New Councillors of Urr!!!

My fellow members of the Brotherhood and Clan Odan-Urr in particular,

It is my distinct honor to announce the addition of Alethia Archensova aka Arch and Ruana Suoh aka Jack to the Councillors of Urr.

Arch has served in clan summit positions continuously since February of 2016 serving as Shan Aedile, Quaestor, Clan Proconsul and currently as our Consul. He’s made his mark DB-wide serving two years as an ACC judge and a year term as an appeals panelist for the COJ. During his summit time Arch took the lead on designing our possessions military, drafted an ACC guide for COU members and worked tirelessly during the GJW coaching and encouraging members during the ACC prelim event. In the time I’ve known Arch he’s been a steadfast leader, source of wise counsel and a pillar of the COU community.

Jack, the man with many character names, has a long history in COU having served at various times as Aedile of House Odan-Urr, Aedile of Hoth and Battleteam Leader of the Knights of Allusis. His biggest contribution to the Clan however, has been the direct impact he has had over the years providing one on one mentorship to a parade of members which includes myself. His last promotion rec contains just a sampling of the testimonials you’ll find if you wander around COU and ask about him. There are few prominent clan members he hasn’t mentored in some way. I’ve often said leadership is about more than position and Jack embodies that. He invests great deals of time into other members, not because it’s his job or because it’s going to get him the spotlight, he does it because under that grumpy exterior he really does care about the members.

I’m honored to announce this small recognition of the service and leadership both these members have given to clan. I also know this is not the end for their service and look forward to working with them for years to come. Congrats gents, we’ve saved you rocking chairs on the porch.

Turel Sorenn
Councillor of Urr

In addition to the above, I want to just say thank you to both Arch and Jack for everything they’ve done for Odan-Urr and the DB over the years. Some of my first experiences in the Clan were via these two individuals and I’m still alive to tell the tale. But seriously, great work to both of you. This Clan wouldn't be the same without you. :)

Sushi is on you!

Aura Ta’var
PCON, Odan-Urr


Congratulations :D

Congrats you two!

Congrats to both of you!

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