Unsteady Ground Phase 1 is LIVE!


Unsteady Ground Phase 1 is LIVE!

“Of course it does.” Erinyes turned to Taldryan’s top uniformed officer, War Marshall Lee Starr. “Is there a ‘better’ of these options?”

Starr shook his head. “Controlling the fuel station will make it easier for us to move our personnel in and out of the system, but having the CDF’s support will give the Collective a hell of a headache if they try to land troops anywhere. Which one of those is ‘better’ is up to you and the Consul to decide.”

“I’ll let you know what he says, then.” Erinyes rose from her chair, and the officers around the table followed suit. “Get a message out through the Inquisitorius network; let the other Clans know that the deals we’ve been talking about are on the table, effective right now. And if that Wight kid from Vizsla is one of the takers, tell him to kill the cameras next time so he doesn’t end up on the news again.”

Howdy, folks! The title pretty much says it all: the first phase of the Taldryan-hosted, DB-wide competition series Unsteady Ground is open as of right now. (Okay, technically it was open as of this past Monday, but RL prevented me from finishing the fiction update I wanted to post with it.)

Phase 1 consists of four events, and will run from November 18 until site reset on December 16. Check out the link for more information!

Also, if you're interested in the position of Ektrosis Aedile but haven't applied yet, you have until December 1 to put your name in. Check out Cymbre's last QUA report for more details.


All I have to say is... Oops. XD

I'll be careful this time. ;)

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