Update on the ACC Beta


Update on the ACC Beta

Greetings all!

The ACC Beta is chugging along quite well, and our tournament is entering it's second phase! This week, we awarded over 100 CIs to members that completed matches in the ACC during the beta. While the majority were tournament participants, several others have waded into the ACC and are poking and prodding our system while earning nifty rewards!


For this round of the tournament, we're making one slight modification: No extensions. Battles will be created tomorrow, and participants emailed, and we'll get this next round underway.

The ACC Beta will pretty much end following the tourney. Because of that, if you've got feedback, please make sure to use the below-linked feedback form to get us your thoughts!

In a non-ACC related reminder, the Voice and I are running a Create-an-NPC competition. Go check it out!

That's it for now, happy writing, all!

Telaris “Mav” Cantor
Combat Master

Nice work to all those who moved on in the tourney.

Thanks! This tourney is going very well.

See you in the final Tarax!!!

Congrats to all that advanced.

Awesome work, Mav/Sarin

Nice work of all.

Is there a way / link to look at the battles?


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