Vendetta Transfer Hold


Vendetta Transfer Hold

Brotherhood -

Per standard rules, unit to unit transfers during the runtime of Fading Light: Nicht Ka shall be denied. We also do not tolerate Rogue hopping and will check dossier history to verify.

Thanks! Aabs

Not disagreeing in any way; I'm merely curious what "rogue hopping" is? And what you would be looking for?

I am also curious as to what that means.

I would imagine it would be the practice of going rogue from Clan A, then de-roguing to Clan B.

Step 1. Transfer from Unit A to Rogues, reason: "I am too busy right now to do DJB stuff, so I'm heading to the rogues." Step 2. 2 Days later, Transfer from Rogues to Unit B, reason: "I found some more free time and would like to come back and rejoin a unit."

Individually each are acceptable. However, it's really just using Rogues as a way to transfer units when otherwise it wouldn't be acceptable.

What Evant and Mark said.

Thanks for the clarification

I was under the impression there was a wait period (6 months was what I thought) after any transfer though...?

I think it was 3 months, but I couldn't find the rule written down anywhere, so no idea.

Somewhere it is written (or once was) that there is a six month wait period between transfers, but the policy is hardly enforced (hence why we can't find it written down). Lately we just keep an eye on things and hold if there's something contextually fishy.

Ah okay, that clears up my confusion. Thanks.

Aabs is contextually fishy.

/me sends love & muffin baskets to the MAA office.

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