Verdict in Case No. 63, DB vs. Hakatsuki


Verdict in Case No. 63, DB vs. Hakatsuki

Members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood,

The Chamber of Justice has convened and issued a verdict in the pending case of DB v. Hakatsuki. Following an investigation, Hakatsuki was charged with two counts of Cheating and Plagiarism and one count of False Statements.

The detailed Verdict and Justicar's Opinion for the case can be found in the PDF file linked below. Please note that the written opinion is generally found on the page after announcement of the verdict.

The verdict was as follows:

Case #063 - DB v. Hakatsuki - Opinion PDF

  • Two Counts of Cheating: GUILTY
  • Two Counts of Plagiarism: GUILTY
  • One Count of False Statements: NOT GUILTY
  • Punishment:
    • Letter of Reprimand;
    • Disqualification from Saved! and Scenes of Destruction;
    • Loss of Medals from the competitions;
    • Six months general probation.

I want to note that there have been an unusually high number of plagiarism issues coming before the Chamber this year. Most have not resulted in charges like this case, but it seems a general reminder is needed: do not submit another's work as your own without giving attribution to the source. That goes for written work, graphics, video, audio, whole works, and portions. It applies to competitions, the Wiki, dossier avatars, etc. All you have to do to stay out of trouble is include an indication of where the work originated and what, if any, changes you made to it. In a competition, that means using the "Textual Submission" box to provide a link, or a name, of the source work; on the Wiki, you can make a note under an image. If you have any questions, please reach out and ask for clarification.

Signed and sealed in Justice,

Dacien Victae
Justicar of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Plagiarism is bad, mmkay?

Even if you don't see a name, someone made whatever it is you might be crediting to yourself. That's equivalent to stealing.

Like what Ronovi said, if you don't see a name and don't know how to cite it as a reference, just link it and say that you just don't know who did it and how you found it. That's better than just using it.

One of the strengths of our organization is that members can overcome a Chamber of Justice verdict, if they are willing to put in the effort. Many of our strongest leaders have once done wrong, but have found ways to contribute to the club and regained their standing. For others, that unfortunately is not the case, preferring to continue their behavior that lead to their conviction. Hopefully, Hakatsuki is one among the former, and having learned from his mistake, can be a great member moving forward.

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