Verdict in Case No. 67, DB v. Hatchi Aso-Gui Sol-Corvo


Verdict in Case No. 67, DB v. Hatchi Aso-Gui Sol-Corvo

Members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood,

The Chamber of Justice has convened and issued a verdict in the pending case of DB v. Hatchi Aso-Gui Sol-Corvo. Following an investigation, Gui was charged with one count of Cloning.

The detailed Verdict and Justicar's Opinion for the case can be found in the PDF file linked below. Please note that the written opinion is generally found on the page after announcement of the verdict.

The verdict was as follows:

Case #067 - DB v. Hatchi Aso-Gui Sol-Corvo - Opinion PDF

  • One Count of Cloning: GUILTY
  • Penalties:
    • Deletion of the dossiers of Hatchi Aso and Corvo;
    • Letter of Reprimand permanently applied to the member’s dossier;
    • Strict Probation for 3 months followed by 3 months General Probation.

Comments on CoJ posts are left open for positive comments and words of encouragement to a member that has just gone through this hard process. Please be kind.

Signed and sealed in Justice,

Thane "Atra" Skotos
Justicar of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

The apology to those deceived in the Opinion is appreciated. Thank you to the Chamber for your work.

As a personal friend of Quejo I'm unable to stop myself from saying this thoroughly disappoints me, but I hope he has learned a valuable lesson here and goes on to do good things for the club.

Thank you to the Justicar and Hands of Justice for their invaluable work in protecting our system. Great job, keep it up.

I have to agree with Anubis. I'll have to re-meet my friend and sometime mentor I think.

As someone who was once tasked with checking IPs in case of suspected SA cheating, well done to the Justicar, Hands of Justice & everyone who was involved with the investigation....these things are hard and time intensive to go through.

Good lord this is one for the books....

I cannot help but feel sorely disappointed. Should've know better. I hope you learn from this, Cheeseman.

its a sad day when another CoJ case comes up

I mean its against the rules, but its amazing this individual held onto this for so long and nobody caught on. Gotta tip my hat for RP'ing that for so long and so masterfully done. No cheating or shady stuff (that we know of) in 10 years is good news and I sympathize with the defendant. Once you've invested so much into a character it can be difficult to let go. I'm sure it may be a slight relief to have this off their chest and done with.

As stated in the report, the true damage done is with the people this individual bonded with and may feel duped by this. Understandable. Hopefully this will patch over given time and the trust becomes as it once was between all individuals involved.

Knowing the person who helped mentor me here in the early days was a persona is quite heartbreaking.

Not sure why the sentence was so light. They were given hundreds if not literal thousands of chances to come forward for more than 10-15 years. They clearly tried to deceive by using hundreds of different IP addresses. Every time they could have revealed it they chose to continue. And if they hadn’t been caught now they still would not have come forward with this.

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