Vizsla Consul Appointment


Vizsla Consul Appointment

Greetings all,

Just a quick announcement that I have made the decision to appoint Dracaryis as the next Consul of Vizsla. Please take the time to congratulate him on the appointment, and extra work.

Thanks again to Pravus, and all he has done for the Brotherhood by helping usher in this new Clan, for all those who love us some Mandalorian.

This is the Way.

Evant / Darth Nehalem


Congrats Drac!

This is the way!

Excellent. Grats Dracpool.


Congrats, Dracman!

Congratulations, dude! Long may ye reign.

congratulations drac

Welcome back!

Congratulations Drac!!!!!

this is the way. I have spoken


Congratulations!! Clan leadership is the best!!

Congrats, Drac! Godspeed!

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