Voice Update #4 - Rogue One: Run-On Extension (1/7/2017)


Voice Update #4 - Rogue One: Run-On Extension (1/7/2017)



I am going to be extending the Rogue One: Run-On an extra few days, bringing the final day to get your posts from 1/2/2017 to 1/7/2016 UTC/Website time.

After a discussion this morning in the [Fiction Chat - Log in to view join link] I took a range of thoughts and opinions and came to the decision that a few extra days would be helpful considering the collaborative team nature of these events combined with family time and holiday travel/activity.\

Without getting into philosophical debates on extensions and their use in Brotherhood competition, I’d like to just note that this event was about celebrating the release of Rogue One, and honoring a yearly tradition of club-wide events we will see repeat each year around this time. It was also about writing with new people you might not usually get to write with and to have fun.

With this extension, I hope that everyone mirrors my leniency here in the interest of the holidays and is understanding on grading time potentially delaying the overall competition results. If anything extraneous comes up, I will let you guys knows, but I do not foresee any obstacles.

I’m excited with the posts I’ve seen so far on the forums, and look forward to reading everyone’s stories :).

Reminder on qualifying Run-Ons

As a general reminder, please keep in mind that for a team to qualify for placement:

  • Each member must post at least twice.
  • Posts must be a minimum of 250 words (no maximum).

The rest of the rules and details can be found in the competition details here.

Tips from the Voice

Some tips from a guy who has never failed to qualify (not always winning, but always qualifying at the very least) with various teams/sizes in this kind of format:

  • Focus on the minimums. If members of your team are struggling, work with them to make sure they can get at least their base 2 posts in. With 250 words minimum, this is not hard. One time I wrote a post where I just had a random "bad guy" have an internal monologue before he got killed by one of our PCs. It hit the word minimum, was away from a computer for 2 days, then came back and wrote a much longer post to make sure I wasn't holding back my team. Budgeting your time (and knowing about things like holiday breaks and family) is part of the collaborative effort on ROs. I made sure that I was able to hit my requirement, and then compensated for the time I wouldn’t be able to write accordingly.

  • Communicate. This should be number one priority on something like this. I know some teams formed separate telegram groups for their teams. I have found this to be incredibly helpful as well in my experience.

  • Stories can get bogged down with too much planning/over planning. When you start to get towards the end, you should start to be more and more flexible and adapt based on what you've got done/haven't gotten done.

  • Without getting into the quality vs quantity arguments/"I won't submit something that's not maximum effort at all times", remember that Run-Ons are a team event, and that you owe it to your teammates to do your best to make sure they have a chance at meeting the competition requirements :).

These tips are not definitive or law binding. I am not telling anyone what to do. This is just some friendly pointers I've found helpful over the years in my experience as as competitor in countless major Run-On competitions run through various Vendetta, War, and extraneous campaigns. Feel free to disregard :).


Questions? Concerns? Hit me up at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. My door is always open.

Thanks everyone. Happy Holidays, and may the Force be with you.

(I’ve seen Rogue One three times now and re-watched A New Hope last night. Don’t judge me.)



Yaaaay!!! Thank you Wally and Voice peoplez who do stuff and things! :3

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