What's App For Web Now Available (Chrome/Android/WinMo)


What's App For Web Now Available (Chrome/Android/WinMo)


Hey guys,

Sorry to interrupt your doing of all the things, but I felt this was a pretty awesome new development in communication technology commonly used around the brotherhood.

A lot of alternative options have come around over the past three years, so I know the Dark Council has been looking into different methods of improving communication across the world to our wide-range of members. Three years ago when WhatsApp first came onto the scene, it was unique in allowing communication via mobile phones (both Android AND iOS!) so that I could easily text message members of my summit halfway across the world.

WhatsApp is a great program, and I know others have adopted it's use outside of Arcona. And today, it get's a much needed feature that really makes it powerful!

Starting today, you can now "mirror" your WhatsApp conversations to your computer's browser...so long as you are running Google Chrome (which you should be...because reasons), and have either an Android, Windows Mobile, or even Blackberry (apparently they still exist) smartphone. iOS (What runs on iDevices) support is on the way!

Check out The Verge Article here.


  1. Make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed.
  2. Go to https://web.whatsapp.com/. The site will give you a QR code (2d barcode) screenshot
  3. On your phones application, go to Menu -> "WhatsApp Web"
  4. You will get a QR code scanner.
  5. Scan the QR Code
  6. Tada!

I've already found this great for answering WhatsApp threads from my laptop while my phone is charging or in my pocket at work. Hopefully this helps with your own productivity as well.


Great find boss!

Neat. Thanks, Wally!


Oh god. Extra distractions.

That's super cool.

Interisting this is..yes yes...


"QR code (2d barcode)"

... Like all barcodes I know of, unless 3d barcodes are becoming a thing? :P

No idea. That's just how they are also called. Tech tends to have multiple names for the same thing.

Finally! Awesome stuff, thanks Wally.

So what you're saying is that I can now send images to people's browsers too? Got it.

...oh God, what have we done?



Oh wow, that is awesome! It was a while ago but they had said there were no plans to support it. /happy dance

This is pretty awesome. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Wally!

You may now go Parkour all the things.

and the tyranny that is Oberst link/image shares has reached a new level of doom....may the gods have merrcy on our souls as Oberst won't.....on the other side of things, sweet, sounds like this is a good thing

"Oh this is so cool, I can check messages while the boss thinks I'm working. What's this? A message from Oberst?"


^ This right there.

So much. ^^

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