Dossier Reconstruction Initiative


Dossier Reconstruction Initiative

I knew I forgot to include something in my last report.

Aabsdu is ready to begin taking requests to fix your DJB History events. Having that history be as accurate as possible will be important once the Possessions system finally launches, because when it launches the plan is for everyone to start off with an amount of credits representative of their individual time and service to the DB.

Which all boils down to your DJB History tab.

However, once the Possessions system launches, additional fixes to your DJB History tab will NOT also result in any additional credits. The time to make those changes is now, before Possessions launches.

Email these requests to Aabsdu (CC me as well), and include supporting evidence (links to old news posts, EH archives, etc) to show the veracity of the request.

I don't understand this, I know Howie did this with positions and such. So how else is your history going to impact credits? Do you get more for being active rather than rogues or something? Just trying to figure out what's worthwhile to fix...

You earn credits for how long you hold each rank. So if, for example, your history is incomplete and the first promotion listed is from JH to DJK, then you would not receive any of the credits for the time spent at JH or any of the previous ranks.

The same goes for positions. If a position you held in the past is not listed in your dossier, or isn't defined completely (there needs to be both an Appointment and either a Resignation event or you still have to hold the position), then you won't get credits for it.

What about positions that predate the database? I mean, I doubt documentation still exists where I'm listed as AED of House Tarentum back in the 90s.

Does unit membership still do anything? (I vaguely recall being in a Clan gave a kinda 'salary' back in Mav's really ancient original proposals in 2003.)

I only ask as I notice there's a couple of patches where migrations have caused my unit to be listed Unknown, but if it's not gonna make any difference then I'm not fussed with getting those fixed.

Oberst: We need some kind of documentation to verify the claim.

Xanos: To my knowledge, unit membership history will not impact the initial back-payment of credits.

So let me get this straight. I have to have saved all emails pertaining to all rank and positions elevations from 14 years ago until now just so I can receive credit? How many people go through HD crashes? Because I've had two since then. I have no emails from then up to 2007 when I came back from my brief stint in the rogues. If we have confirmation by other member's affirmations of our exploits, is that enough? Because that is all I had, and I do not think 7 years of activity should be ignored because I do not have emails from that entire time.

Hades: wayback machine archives count. But we do have to have something to corroborate, just for fairness sake.

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