Battlefront News & Rumours [Updated]


Battlefront News & Rumours [Updated]

I hope Luke was in there

So, while this might actually end up in more of the "anti-news" category, it is the first thing that we've been seeing hitting the wires recently about the upcoming title Star Wars Battlefront.

While it's not exactly news, what we do know from Gamespot is that the projected release date of before Christmas 2015 is still holding, despite not getting any footage beyond the E4 Trailer from last year.

Now, take whatever comfort you can with this, but at the recent EA Earnings Call, EA's CFO Blake Jorgensen has said that Battlefront will be getting a release on scale with their Battlefield franchise. Hopefully it launches a bit more smoothly than BF4.


IGN has apparently gotten their hands on an exclusive high def piece of concept art from Endor in the game. It's purty.

Just The Seal

Been waiting for a new Battlefront for quite some time. Not sure I'd want on release - as you stated "more smoothly than BF4" lol. I might give em a few weeks and a patch or two before I mess with it.

Well, one can hope that they may have learned their lesson from BF4? I can dream that that was more down to the relative age of the newgen consoles and being overworked... maybe, sorta?

It might be more to the fact that it's EA and they don't really care about the players or player experience.

Lucrative > Fun ... make it just frustrating enough, that you start to wonder if there is more fun to be had behind the pay wall. I think there is something to be said about a beautiful simplicity for a game like this, which will probably frustrate me, because I doubt this game will be simple at all...

This and Star Citizen are the main reasons I built a new Gaming PC can't wait until it's out.

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