Black Friday Sales! (SWTOR, D3, Starcraft 2)


Black Friday Sales! (SWTOR, D3, Starcraft 2)

In a longstanding Thanksgiving tradition, the day after the pilgrims and Native Americans sat down for a nice big dinner we know that the Native Americans sold pretty much all of North America to the pilgrims for a ridiculously low price. Or at least that's the myth I've made up to justify the existence of Black Friday. Thankfully the video game developers have seen fit to continue this tradition for us, for at least one more year.

Star Wars The Old Republic is going to be running a Black Friday Sale for the Cartel Market. I don't know what's going to be available in it, but I sure am interested to find out. Maybe I'll finally be able to get Mako to wear a Turkey Suit around the private quarters of my Starship. One can only hope.

Blizzard has jumped on the bandwagon with a pretty ridiculous sale (for Blizzard). Diablo 3 and the Expansion for it are currently only $20 each. Starcraft 2 and its Expansion are only $10 each... that's the same price that JA and JO normally run for on Steam. If you were ever interested in Starcraft 2, now's the time to buy.

While its not a DJB supported platform, World or Warcraft is only on a very good sale as well. You can pick up all expansions, up to the new Warlords of Draenor one, for the game for just $5. That's pretty impressive.

I'll be keeping an eye out for some more gaming deals, or if anyone finds them and would like to add them to the comments section here feel free!

Friday Update 1:

Steam Exploration Sale runs through December 2nd

SWTOR Cartel Coins 20% Discount on Amazon. The link is for 2400 coins, but larger quantities are on sale too.

SWTOR Cartel Market Items on sale (in game)

  • Treek Contract - 50% Off! (1050 CC)
  • Hypercrate Packs - 20-50% Off!
  • Black and Black Dye Module - 25% Off! (1500 CC)
  • White and White Dye Module - 25% Off (750 CC)
  • First Grand Crystal Pack - 25% Off! (120 CC)

Yes please buy SC2... :P

As one might guess, Steam has a big sale going on as well, from Nov. 26th - Dec. 2nd.

Luckily, all my money is still gone from the last Steam sale, so I don't think I'll be walking away with anything new this time. =(

Updated post with link to the Steam Sale, as well as more details which are now available on the SWTOR Cartel Coins and Items.

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